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First off I want to hug Gaius and tell him that everything will be ok, then shave off his beard and then do naughty things to him

And WTF Kara...

I think she is the 5th Cylon. And nothing can change my mind about that. I mean her vipper blew up into tiny little pieces.

And of course it is going to be awhile before I get watch Season 4 since most of it is still downloading including Episode 1. I mean I have Razor including with the flashbacks but of course Episode 1 is still downloading. It needs to go faster.

I am very very tempted to go on Wikipedia and read what happens but I won't. Damn you Wikipedia for having spoilers.
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I'm still sick, but I am a little bit better. Coughing less. So thats a plus.

I ended up getting Angels & Demons at Costco. I am hoping to start reading it, even though I haven't finished reading Wicked.

I am finally getting a haircut tomorrow. It is well overdue.

Also on BSG (Still on Season 3) I am loving the whole D'Anna/Gaius/Caprica thing that is going on. Only SciFi would give me a threesome. Also they need to kiss and makeup. Also the whole Anders/Kara/Lee/Dualla triangle/square thing is pissing me off. Mostly the whole Kara/Lee thing


Mar. 25th, 2009 10:02 pm
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How could he do that to him

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Is it wrong of me to want to skip to the end of Season 3 just so I can find out who the four of the final five Cylons are. I mean I am only half way through the season and because of some small spoilers, I might know who the final 4 are and I want to find out who they are. Plus I want to know if Gaius is really a Cylon because if he is I will love him more than I already do. What can I say I must be a Cylon lover since I love three of them already.

Damn you Wikipedia.

It's like Lost with Kate and Sawyer all over again.
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Right now I am sick. It is not fun. I have been sick for the last 2 weeks. It started off as a little thing but slowly worked into a big thing. Ive been coughing non stop for the last 2 days and the medicine I have helps so I am coughing every 4 hours and around 5 in the morning coughing for my life. I swear I see sore throat in my future.

And Orange Juice doesn't help either. After drinking that for 3 days it tastes awful. I would drink water, but I can taste the tap in the "spring" water here (Which is out of the sink btw) and it tastes like crap and my dad doesn't like buying me Aquafina because he thinks the "spring" water tastes fine and good.

So as I wait slowly for the sickness to go away I have been watching BSG for the last 3 days. If makes the day for faster. I am now at Season 3 and loving it. Starbuck and 6 are my favorite, I want Anders and Gaius as my sex slaves and I hate Lee. I don't know why I just don't like him.

I would of been making some graphics but my muse has been gone for about a month. I miss it. When you try to make something and all you can do is stare at Photoshop it is not so fun.
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Well I got Twilight today at Costco. For my dad to buy it I had to give him my last 20. Luckily I got back when I put everything away.

Whats funny is that I did try to watch it, but I only got through 15 minutes of it. Mostly the part right before she sees the Cullens for the first time and then I had to turn it off. I just couldn't watch it. Maybe next time I will start with when James gets there, maybe then I will be able to watch it.

I ended up cleaning the house today. Of course my dad started complaining and yelling that I shouldn't start clean. I mean he complains when I don't clean and then he complains when I do clean. He started going on that I should clean when he isn't here, like tomorrow. Dude just make up your mind. I would of done the dishes but I think he would of killed me. He doesn't like it when I do the dishes since to him I clean the dishes the "wrong way". He doesn't care if I put them away just no cleaning them.
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College: Well I am back in Elementary Algebra. I swear that class haunts me. I have to go back to advising in mid summer since right now there doing advising for Spring. Still I don't have to go back for a few months. Saves me money on bus fare.

Book: Well I started on Wicked. I am still on the first chapter. Although I did find the place where I left off last time. It was in the middle of chapter 2. I wonder if I will get past that. I hope so.

-Lost: WTF is going on is so confused. LOVING IT. Also I am loving Ben again. Yes I know he has killed but I love him no matter what he does. What can I say I have a weakness for Bad/Evil guys. Also I think there is still a change for Kate/Sawyer. Fucking Yes. Also am I the only one who liked Jack in that blue shirt. I want answers next week for the questions they left us with. Of course we will only get more questions. Oh why do you this us Lost.
-Smallville: I am really loving this season. Also I want Davis/Chloe to happen. And then they turn evil and rule the world. No Joke. But seriously I really felt bad for Chloe. And why am I feeling love for Jimmy Olsen.
-Supernatural: I love you Dean and Sam. Whether you do naughty things or not. After the latest episode I don't know who I love more. Also did I see Alec with in Dean. If so, I love you. Oh how I love this season.
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OMG. New song from Placebo. It is awesome and I love it.

Battle by Placebo


thank you [ profile] musicwave
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Well I finished my second book earlier. I ended up reading Brideshead Revisited. I liked it, I did. It's different from what I usually read and I like reading something different every now and then.

I think I might start reading Wicked next. But I also want to read The Host. I don't know which one to start on first. Wicked or The Host.

Still I can't believe that I am still reading non-fanfiction. I thought I would like stop after Alice, but I'm glad I didn't. When I read it makes the day for faster.


Mar. 7th, 2009 07:09 pm
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I'm thinking of watching Battlestar Galactica once the show is over. I've been meaning to watch it. Its a show that's on my to watch list, but never got around to it.
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Well ended up driving with the parents. They wanted to go somewhere since it was a nice day out. Only payed attention to a quarter of it since I ended up reading 'Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking-Glass', Although I only got through the first part of it. Might read 'Through the Looking-Glass' later. Still a good thing. Finally reading a book that's on my list.

I also ended up signing up for Twitter last week. So yeah. The only downside is that its hard to send Tweets through my phone since its hard to get signal.
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*screams and cries in the corner*
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Well with the latest episode of Dollhouse I am liking it even more. I didn't know that Eliza could sing. I then realized that this show was created by Joss Whedon so I should of known. I mean everybody who ever worked him ends having a good singing voice. Can you say Once More with Feeling, Lindsy from Angel, and Dr Horrible.

And it only took three episodes but I have found my OTP for the show and nobody can change my mind about it. Seriously I can't help but want Echo/Sierra to end up together.

Also I watching The Two Towers with my mom on TNT. I forgot how good the movie was. I realize I only have Fellowship of the Ring on VHS. I now want all three Lord of the Rings on DVD.

Of course my mom asked me if Legolas was in Harry Potter. Well more of "Wasn't the blond one in Harry Potter". My only thought was this picture made by [ profile] buttfacemakani
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I got Season 4 of Angel at Costco for only 17 bucks. Thank you Costco. My next mission is to get Season for the same price. Again thank you Costco.

I only had to argue with my dad for only about 5 minutes before he gave up.

I just hope he thinks that he isn't buying me Twilight because he is.
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Well it is snowing.

Fucking snow, I hate you.

Also my dad said that it was Ash Wednesday and that he wasn't going to cook tonight and that "I should respect the lord".

I swear I almost giggled when he said that last part.

Damn you Castiel
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Well today on Athena's walk she ended up getting loose. More of the fact that my dad let her loose to see if she would come to me. She was doing good until up to 5 feet and decided to run past me. That is when all hell broke loose.

She ran past us, up onto the hill. She stopped of course until we started chasing her. She then went to our side. Now this is the part where I get a kick out of it. She jumped into the creek that we have. I swear I started laughing because she jumped and then went down. My dad had to go down there and go get her. Luckily someone was there to help us. And when I finally got her, she was wigging out of her collar and I saw it coming and tried to grab her from behind of course she then got loose again. Of course the person who was there was helping my dad out and once Athena got loose I could hear him swearing at. So Athena decided to run up the street and then down the street. Luckily the other guy grabbed her and held on to her. I was glad that I grabbed the car since when I got to her my dad threw her in the car.

Now when I got home I had to give her a bath. Again had to chase her for a while. Of course by the time I got her in the bath she didn't mind since we learned that she liked the water. So while I was washing her down she was licking herself clean.

Now as you can see Athena is anything but good. She is evil.
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Well I have 6 new walls. Most of them were for challenges over at Effulgent and Reflective Desires and These Violent Delights. So I hope you enjoy

6 Wallpapers:
-2 Actresses
-1 Harry Potter
-3 Twilight


+do NOT change or alter in any form my creations
+Walls are made for Desktop and personal use only
+Please don't steal/claim as your own.
+Please do not hotlink. Please save to your own server
+Feedback is love and feeds my computer
+don't forget to enjoy!!
newartnewartnewart )
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Well I went ahead and bought myself 100 userpics.

I couldn't help it. It was calling out to me saying "buy me"

At the moment I have only 38, but give it a few days and it will grow.

Seriously though I couldn't help myself.
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I is totally shipping Pandora/Cook now.

Cook better not ruin this.

And Pandora better not be a one night thing to Cook either.
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I might be getting a 1900 Kimball Piano for 100 bucks

oh yeah


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