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I finished City of Bones. I really really liked it. Thank you [ profile] marilyne_22 for introducing it

My thoughts & Spoilers on City of Bones )

Now off to read City of Ashes. Also where can I get the paperback version of City of Glass or am I going to have to wait or something.
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Well i just finished reading the 2nd story of The Draco Trilogy by Cassandra Claire. Took 9 hours but it was worth it. Also the 1st story only took 2 hours. First off I am loving the story so far. Mostly her writing. Her writing and style is like sex to me. Also loving the freaking Buffy references. Mostly in the 2nd story. BtVs and Harry Potter, two things that should always go together.

And for some reason I am not dying with the whole Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny stuff that is within the stories. Usually I would be. Maybe because deep down I am hoping and praying that the Draco/Hermione stuff will pop back up again. Still I think my friend would be in shock that I am semi liking Draco/Ginny.

When I finish the 3rd story, which I will start tomorrow and will probably take all day tomorrow and a little bit of the next, I am totally freaking start on The Mortal Intrauments. If her writing in The Draco Trilogy is like same in The Mortal Intrauments then I am already in love.
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Well I ended up getting Book 1 & 2 of The Mortal Instruments Series at Costco. They were like $5.99 each so I thought why not. Although I don't know when I will start reading them. Seriously I have bad habit of buying books and not getting around to reading them. But I do want to read this series and I heard really good things about it.


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