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Veronica Mars Movie Is A Go

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Well for one school is well school. Didn't go to school on Friday. I don't know why, but I always end up not going to school on Fridays. That really needs to stop. For once I am finally getting homework done. No lie. I am actually sitting done and doing my homework. And then take a nap after or during my film homework. I feel so proud of myself since I finally getting the god damn thing done.

I GOT SUPERNATURAL SEASON 1 ON DVD FOR ONLY 30 DOLLARS. AM SO HAPPY. Seriously I am. I at first I thought it was 45 bucks (I was still going to buy it either way) but when the person rung it up, my mouth actually dropped when I saw the price as 29.99. The whole time, even when paying. Of course I didn't realize until out of Target that the person had left the protect case on. When I told my friend Travis he was like "YAY now we can have a Supernatural Marathon" since he also a fan like me. I already know I will end up watching the season before we do that marathon.

And I finally finished with Veronica Mars. I ended up watching the end of season 2 and all of Season three today and yesterday. But is too lazy to write about what I think about both of the seasons. So expect that like sometime later or something. When I told my friend that I finally finished watching the show, his only answer "About god damn time" since I started with season one about like January or something.
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I finally have a new video. This one is made for [ profile] ck2110 since I was his Secret Santa over at Reverie. Either way this is my first video since July so it has been a while. Anyway here it is and I hope everybody likes it.

Title: My Best Friend
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Song: My Best Friend by Weezer
Characters: Veronica and Wallace
Summary: A friendship overview of Veronica and Wallace throughout the years
Length: 2:31

Download: 36 Mbs Zipped WMV
Streem: Imeem

+Feedback and comments are my crack
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Band/Song: Unbelievable by Craig David
Character/Ship: Veronica/Mac, also with a small mini so small hint of Duncan/Veronica
Episodes: 1x01-3x10
Links/Size: Filefont 22.8MB | Imeem
Notes: Its AU and how it is is that after her break-up with Duncan she doesn't know if she can ever find love again until the day she meets Mac. Since that day Veronica and Mac have been together but Veronica realizes that through out their relationship that she truly deeply loves Mac and never wants to leave her side.
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Band/Song: Simple Plan/Prefect World
Character/Ship: Logan/Veronica, Logan/Hannah, Duncan/Veronica, Duncan/Meg
Episodes:up to 2x22
Links/Size: 15.5 Filefont
Notes: Now the reason that is AU is because mostly because of the two worlds. But also up to you to think that or not, because mostly thats where it gets alitte confusing.
Veronicas World:
-The couples that are together are, Logan/Veronica and Duncan/Meg
-Instead of Veronicas Mom being Missing she died, when Veronica was little.
-Instead of Beaver Rapping her, it was Duncan that did.
-Beaver is alive and good (because I say so) also is dating MAc
-And last thing is that every romantic thing that happened between Veronica and Duncan NEVER HAPPENED

The Alternative World:
-In this world, the couples are Duncan/Veronica and Logan/Hannah
-Keith is dead instead of her mom. He died the same night that Beaver rapped Mac and also killed himself.
-And again anything romantic that happened bettwen Logan and Veronica also never happened

Color-Both Worlds; Sophia-A.W. Memories; B/W-Her memories
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Band/Song: Matthew Good/Weapon
Character/Ship: VM Cast -Episodic to "A Trip to the Dentist"-
Episodes: Only 1x21
Links/Size: 6.25 MB (Download)
Notes: ok I made this video for a contest over at Reverie

Summary: Mostly the main points from the episode "A trip to the Denist"

new vid

Jul. 24th, 2006 11:05 pm
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Band/Song: Confessions of a Broken Heart/Lindsay Lohan
Character/Ship: Veronica Mars//Keith Mars
Episodes: Up to 2x22
Links/Size: 14.8MB (Filefont)
Notes: This is another AU video and its about what if Keith did die in that plane accident that night. So when One Year goes by it shows how Veronica feels, since its hard for her when the annversay of her fathers death comes around and how she misses him so when memories of them start flashing into her mind. Also Black/White is her memories with him and Sepia is the night he died
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Band/Song: Monica/Angel of Mine
Character/Ship: Part Logan/Veronica, Part Harry/Hermione
Episodes: Up to 2x22
Links/Size: 31.7 MB (Filefont)
Notes: (Crossover between Veronica Mars and Harry Potter)Its in Hermiones and Veronica's POV. How it is, is that they both think that Harry and Logan are their Angels in away. But after awhile the Hermione and Veronica start thinking that they cant see themselves with anybody else but Harry and Logan.
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Band/Song: Weezer/This is Such a Pity
Character/Ship: Logan/Veronica
Episodes: Up to 2x22
Links/Size: 13.9 MB(Filefont)
Notes: ok mostly this video is based on a love/hate relationship. One moment they would be friends, the next hating each other, then full out making out with each other. But even though they fought like mad and everybody thought they were crazy, they still wanted to be with each other
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Band/Song: Anastacisa/Pieces of a Dream
Character/Ship: Logan/Veronica
Epsiodes: up to 2x21
Links/Size: 15.9 MB(Filefont)
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