Bell Game

Nov. 11th, 2007 09:33 pm
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Well South City won the Bell Game. Again. I think the rain was lucky to us.

But it sucked for Me, Des, and Boris since we had took a change and filmed in it. But it stopped when we got the main footage. We were soaked after though.

Also somebody from the El Camino Side went streaking towards the end of the game. No Lie.

The score for JV was South City: 24, ELCO: 0 and for Varsity (The main Game) South City: 24, ELCO: 8. So as you can see we kicked there asses.
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Senior Project is a pain in my ass. Well the Peer Draft is a pain in my ass. Really the whole week that's the only thing Ive been doing. Its a shock that Ive been doing my work at all. I only have half it done and I still have to type it up.

My mom is going to kill me by the time next Saturday comes. Its the day we get out Report Card. This is what I think I have so far.
D or F in Web Design 2.
F in Piano 1
B in TV/Broadcasting
D or C in English 4G
C in Economics
B in Government
And a B in French 2

And I know what your all thinking "How the hell am I getting a better grade in French and not English when I speak English" (Tell me what TV show I got that from and Ill give you a cookie or maybe an Icon or Wallpaper or maybe a custom made video)

OK what I'm doing right now is that I'm selling myself out. And not like that you twisted freaks, but I'm doing that over at Sweet Charity. I'm mostly selling my time (Or the time I have when not ding Senior Projects) and making custom videos for the winning bidder. The money though is going over to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). If you are interested please join up and dig deep. There are many other fandom folk, 160 in total, offering a wide variety of items that you could buy (fanfic,videos, clothing, art, jewelry etc. If you don't want what I am offering then please check out the other fantabulous Hos.

This is what I am offering
These are the fandoms I can vid for you: Harry Potter, Buffy, Veronica Mars, and The Notebook

Buyer input:
You can either ask for the couple/character you want vidded with the song also or just pick a couple/character you want to be seen vidded with me picking the song or other way around. You pick song while I pick couple/character.

Click the banner below to find out more.


Jun. 13th, 2006 11:58 pm
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I hate finals..........

I hate ASB finals.........

I hate essays and anything that has to do with an essay..........

I would go on but you already get the clue here

Im also tired i want to go to sleep but im writing or BSing and essay to pass asb.

can someone please just like freeze time for about a day or two or least until finals are completely gone forever thats all i ask for please
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ok im still up and its a friday night/saturday morning and guess what im about to do my history homework, someone come on and save me foe which i lost my god damn sanity, i think i need to be locked up witht he white walls until i realiza that homework=EVIL
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so tried i want to sleep but no i cant and worst of all school is almost here please kill me now i booked for the next two weeks i dont wanna go back to school *starts cryign* i just want it to stay summer forever at least all the tv shows are coming back yay *does happy dance*


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