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On this list is what I want for my birthday. Some of it seem impossible to get but I still want it. This list will be here for a while since I know that this list will eventually become my Christmas List. If that happens, things will get added.

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About time I know with the Holiday Gift. I finally got time since I am on Vacation in CA and it is great. Plus I have no mouse at the moment so I was trying to figure out Photoshop without it. It no fun. But a challenge though. Still Happy Holidays or what is left of it.

Also a Happy Belated Birthday [ profile] marilyne_22. And this gift is for you. So I hope you like it.

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I bought two more books from Barnes and Noble. Well my mom bought them, but still, more books from Barnes and Noble. Seriously that place is like crack to me. I just can't stop ordering from that place.

Also caught up on four new/old shows. Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Pushing Daises and True Blood. As you can see, I have too much time on my hands.
Pushing Daises is cute and quirky and thats what I like about it. Also I can't help but to be sucked in by the narrator, who of course is Jim Dale who does the audiobooks for Harry Potter. Seriously I recognized that voice, the minute I heard it. Plus Ned, to me, is freaking adorable and I want him for myself. And am I the only one who kind of wants Olive/Chuck to him. I dunno, for some reason I can totally see them happening.

Now with True Blood, I love the show and it sucks that I have to wait till summer to get new episodes. Seriously right when it was getting good. And yay Buffy references. Seriously freaking yay, even though there were only two, still yay. Now I want to know, am I the only one who totally is like loving Bill/Eric? You know Bill would be submissive threw out the whole thing. And stop stopping on cliffhangers. Not cool people. Also Eric and Sam are like teh sex and I can't decided who I want more.

Also about the HBP ABC Family Sneak Peak. Why is July do far away. The stuff about Tom Riddle looked so cool. I want it now. And why isn't Merlin downloading. That is not cool. No it is not. Is anybody else having this problem?

And lastly, I realized when making my wish list for Christmas on Amazon, that the only thing that I am wanting are books, comic books, DVD's, an ipod, and a Slytherin Scarf.
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ok i relaized that saturday is chritmas eve and i also relaized that i finally became one of those people who do their shoping last minute. i never thought i would eb doing this until like in college, i really am behind in everything, is this a sign saying that i need to get out of the house more?


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