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OMG. New song from Placebo. It is awesome and I love it.

Battle by Placebo


thank you [ profile] musicwave
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I might be getting a 1900 Kimball Piano for 100 bucks

oh yeah
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Hey I was wondering if anybody has heard of or has the song Naive by Weezer. It is a real song. I heard it on somebody else's computer when I was waiting to take a final back in May. The only reason I knew it was Weezer because I had recognize the beat. I have searched everywhere, but I can not find it. If somebody has it or can find it for me that would be great. 

Never mind. I found it. I had the wrong band. Although I don't blame myself for thinking that it was Weezer. Since the person who was in The Rentals, Matt Sharp, was also Weezer. Like I said I don't blame myself since both bands have the same beat. It's no wonder I thought it was Weezer.
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Well I totally forgot that I have like a radio on itunes. When I went to see what kind of stations there were I had found Alice @ 97.3. If you live in the Bay Area or lived in it you know what station I am talking about.

It is so good to hear this station again. If now I can find Star 101.3 on here, then that would be great.
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Well I just finished listening to the Twilight Soundtrack. And yes you can listen to them since not all the music on that is new and not released. Here's the list. The the songs that are in bold are the ones that I do have. The rest well are new and probably won't be released until the Soundtrack comes out.

I think they could of done a little better. I mean I thought a Soundtrack was to have music that really really goes with the film and that doesn't have bands that we have heard of.

Although the only songs that I see that do work are Decode by Paramore and Eyes on Fire by Blue Fundation. With Decode it shows how Bella is with Edward. When she first meets him and hears about him, before she even finds out that he is a Vampire and wanting to be with him. Mostly her feelings towards him Pre-Vampire. And with Eyes on Fire, that song just screams out James/Bella. With him wanting her, hunting her, killing her. Plus the song is total stalker song that it will work with every possessive/obsessive/fucked up/villian wanting the good girl relationship and not just James/Bella but at the same time does scream James/Bella.

Still I think they could of done a little better. I am kind of disappointed since I was looking forward to this soundtrack. But hey, this is what I think about this soundtrack.

Muse - Supermassive Black Hole
Paramore - Decode
The Black Ghosts - Full Moon
Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest

MuteMath - Spotlight (Twilight Mix)
Perry Farrell - Going All The Way (Into The Twilight)
Collective Soul - Tremble For My Beloved
Paramore - I Caught Myself
Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire
Rob Pattinson - Never Think
Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth
Carter Burwell - Bella's Lullaby

New iPod

Aug. 20th, 2008 12:22 pm
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Yeah I think I know now that I need a new iPod. The one I have the room is too small. I need more GB's. So for Christmas I am getting a new iPod. A Classic. A 160 GB. That should last for more then a year I hope.
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I realized that like every year around Thanksgiving, I get a new iPod. No joke. I mean my first ipod was a 20 GB iPod Special Edition U2 back in like Sophmore Year (You guys remember those iPods right?). Well Senior year I had finally gotten a new ipod, since the U2 one like died on me. So I had gotten 2GB Nano which held about 1,000 songs. By November of 07 I had a little over of 1000 songs. Last year I got a 8GB Green Nano which is supposed to hold 2,000 songs. I am at the point of watching what I have to put in the iPod. And twice I had to clean out my iTunes to see what songs I didn't want anymore.

But lately I've been wanting a new iPod. A 80 or 160 GB Classic iPod. I haven't decided once one yet. I think that would last me a very long time. At the same time though I've been wanting a iPhone. And if I work once I get up to Washington I can afford only one of them maybe by Christmas if I save right. But as I see my music grew bigger including all my tv shows and movies it's making me want the Classic iPod even more though the iPhone has wifi and is great watching videos on there, but doesn't hold that much and plus I have a macbook, there's my wifi right there.

I mean in the last two weeks I got like over 50 new songs. See music getting bigger. My music number at the moment is at 1532.

I don't know I might just get the Classic iPod. Or New versions since I heard new iPods are coming out this fall. Again maybe, thats if I can afford it.
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I just packed away my Harry Potter books and Twilight books......

I feel so empty inside now

And right when I was done 'Everything You Ever' from Dr. Horrible started to play

Yes I feel totally empty right now
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OK Well I found an Acoustic version of "Makes Me Wonder" by Maroon 5. Is it bad that I totally love this version better then the original. Maybe it's because acoustic version of songs are usually so much better. Well some acoustic songs.

Also I found a cover version of "Chasing Cars" and "Somewhere Only We Know" sung by Natasha Bedingfield. Both versions are so much better and so sad and makes me wanna cry. Mostly "Chasing Cars" since at the moment it's already very hard to listen to the original. Damn Snow Patrol. Damn Natasha Bedingfield.

But of course all of these are already on my itunes and will be going into my ipod later on :D
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School: Finals are this week. Mostly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I realized the only ones I have to worry about is my final for well my Film Class, Health Class, and Math Class. Ok well I have to worry about all my finals. I just have to study for mostly my Film Class. But I should do good on all of them though.

Life/Friends: Man I made so many new friends at CSM. And all because of just one person whos name will not be mentioned. But still its because of these people that make CSM so much fun. Also I get to see Jhona and Jacky tomorrow. That totally makes my monday it does. And for life right now. Well at the moment its ok but at the same time sucks. I think my luck finally went gone on Friday, but I don't know. Also I got myself Season 2 and 3 of Buffy for like 22 bucks each at FYE. That had made my day but the stupid store didn't have Season 5 or 6. Those are the two that I really wont. But whatever, you can only get what you can get.

Music: I so much new music. Its like holy shit. This is why I love Reverie. I mean why I got my ipod back in November I had about over 600 songs. And now I have over 1,000. But all the new music that I got though is awesome.

TV: I can't wait for Janurary. Mostly because thats when everything comes back. And dude I can't wait for Touchwood. Mostly because I can't wait to see James Marsters make out with John Barrowman. I have heard that the whole thing will be hot. And Dude Rose is coming for a few episodes on Doctor Who. That makes my day. Although I already feel sorry for the Doctor. I mean he is going to have to deal with Donna, Martha, and Rose altogether. I can't wait for the whole thing. And omg Supernatural. I always knew that old people would kill you in the end :D Also only Dean can make saying 'fudge' instead 'fuck' hot and awesome.

Graphics: Well I have Two new Wallpapers. Both were made for a present for a friend for her birthday. In the end I liked how both came out even though one of them was a pain in the ass to make.
Two New Wallpapers )

Vid Rec: Also are some video's that I think that are really worth watching. All of these are just fantastic. And since I am a big fan of these fandoms, it definitely them even more awesome in my book.
Video Rec )
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School: Well at the moment I have dropped my Multimedia Graphics class and also my Introduction to Film Class. Reason for Multimedia was because for one I was the youngest and most experienced in that class. Plus once we started web design and I found out that it was Multimedia Photoshop for web design I was like Bye-Bye. For Into to Film, I realized today while looking at the study guide the teacher gave us, that I wasn't interested in the class anymore. I don't know why, but I just wasn't anymore. My mom was OK with it though. And now I have two W's on my transcript. I can already hear Boris R. going off about that dropping that class was a stupid thing to do. Plus he said the same thing when I told him about Photoshop. But the good thing about school at the moment is that in all my classes I have C's which is a good thing because their is still time to raise them. I also I saw the counselor and now I have priority in choosing my classes for Spring Semester which is a really good thing.

Life/Friends: Well I hung out with Mina and Boris G. Both on different days. Friday night and Sunday night hung out with Boris. It was Friday that we saw Good Luck Chuck. All I can say is that I will never be able to look at penguins the same ever again. Like seriously. And then Saturday night saw Across the Universe with Mina. That was also a good movie. I demand that everybody buy the soundtrack. Like seriously that's like an order. But for some reasons with a few scenes I felt like I needed to be high just to understand them.

Music: Dude. Mina got me back into N'SYNC. No joke. I mean I am a fan of them, have all their CD's but it was her saying that she had "Pop" stuck in her head, it then got into mine and now I have some/half/half of half of their songs on my ipod. I feel like I am in a pop stage. But what can I say N'SYNC will always be awesome and will always pwn and own Backstreet Boys.

Vidding: yeah......its going to be a while before I go into vidding again. For some reason my muse has like gone on vacation. Like seriously. I would have Vegas up and nothing of the ideaness would come out of the brain. And I don't know when the muse will come back either. So time will tell and I will just work with vidding very very very slowly.

Graphics: I have a new wallpaper. Its based on the Season 3 Premiere of Supernatural. I had loved the demons in that episode. Mostly its because its the Seven Deadly Sins. And I had always thought that was a fascinating subject. But here it is and I hope you like it.
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ok mostly some people always have a list of their favorite songs so im going to do one but i want you all to also download them and listen to them trust me on this and a few of them might have more then one song so i put it all together
Top 20 or So )
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i think the sandman has come to my house early because i feel very sleepy like sleepy in snow white. i would be alseep right now but im updating my ipod and i have lot of songs to update


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