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Life: Well I got kicked by a horse a few days ago. Mostly in the leg. I was lucky that it wasn't broken since I'm not covered since I'm not in school. Since then the swelling has gone down and my knee isn't as bad as I thought it would be so thats also good. At the moment I just have a medium sized bruise on my knee. Still I now know what it feels like to be kicked by a horse and I hope to neve relive it.

-Smallville: I am really glad that Davis is not gone because I love his character. I think he brings out the evil in Chloe. Also I am shipping Davis/Chloe like hardcore.
-Supernatural: I loved the episode. The first half cracked me up. And I am loving Castiel even more. Including with Dean/Casitel.

I noticed that after next year I am like losing maybe about 5 of my shows. I think. I know Lost is in its last season next year. Also maybe with Supernatural since I know they don't want to do more then 5 Seasons. I think One Tree Hill might be ending. Not too sure with that one. And I am hoping that Heroes and Smallville ends next year even though I do love/like both shows. And why do I feel like I am missing a few.
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Well ended up driving with the parents. They wanted to go somewhere since it was a nice day out. Only payed attention to a quarter of it since I ended up reading 'Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking-Glass', Although I only got through the first part of it. Might read 'Through the Looking-Glass' later. Still a good thing. Finally reading a book that's on my list.

I also ended up signing up for Twitter last week. So yeah. The only downside is that its hard to send Tweets through my phone since its hard to get signal.
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My mom wants me stay up so I can go back on a regular sleeping schedule.

And I just remembered its Wednesday and Lost comes back tonight.

I is so screwed.

I will make my dad go to Starbucks to get my more coffee If I need too.

I will not miss Lost.

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First off late Happy Birthday to [ profile] marilyne_22 I promise to make you something. And I hope your B-Day is awesome.

Now yesterday was awesome. The Bus ride was long, and the plane ride was long. Yes plane ride, meaning my plane was not canceled by the weather. Of course I ended up getting a headache because of it. Still when I saw San Francisco, my only thought was "There is no snow, it's so beautiful". Boris and Rosa picked me up. Seeing Boris was awesome. We ended up going to Westfield Mall. We were going to The Cheesecake Factory but we didn't want to wait an hour, so we just got chinese instead. Still awesome time.

Seeing the Twins were awesome, since I am staying with for the Two Weeks that I am here. We just ended up doing nothing and talking.

Still awesome freaking day.
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Well my birthday was good, or mostly ok. Nothing good or bad happened. Only [ profile] winterevanesce, [ profile] dualbunny, [ profile] bananainpyjamas (the ones who responded to my last post) and three of my friends said Happy Birthday. So thanks to all if I hadn't said it before. Also when I go back to San Francisco my friends (the ones who said Happy B-Day) are going to make/get me a chocolate cake, so yay on that.

Mostly I spent the day reading Draco/Hermione Fanfiction since I got myself back into that couple. Also had Chinese food for dinner. And lastly watched Smallville and Supernatural. Smallville was great. I am loving this season and I am liking where it is going. And Supernatural was ok, the only thing that I liked about the episode was the huge talking suicidal teddy bear. That thing was awesome and I want an awesome icon of it (or a few). Plus a few animation of it. Still I can't wait for next weeks since next weeks looks amazing.
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I did vote. Mostly absentee ballot and it was mailed in a few days ago, but I still voted. My mom didn't really care who I voted for, as long as I voted in general since she is real big on that. I just hope to be awake to find out who wins since my sleeping schedule has been wacky.

Also birthday is on Thursday (in 2 days) people. I will be 19 even though I don't feel that age. I wonder if this year will be a bad birthday (like my 16th, sweet 16th my ass) or a good birthday (like my 18th which only lasted a month) or in the middle (like my 17th).
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I just want to say only 2 weeks (14 days) till my birthday.

Wow my time really has gone by since my last birthday.
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Sequim needs to learn the word Delivery. Port Angeles knows the word, but doesn't deliver to Sequim.
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Ok well I ran into a stop sign in a old Costco parking lot today and only ended up with a flat tire on the passenger side.

I am very lucky that my dad is not telling my mom since she would never let me near a car after that. And replacing the flat didn't cost that much either. Just 16 bucks total.

Still though the car had pwned and owned the stop sign: Car > Stop Sign
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Now the first thing I see when I wake up is no sun. I was very glad on that since we had it for a few days and it was killing us.

Although 5 minutes after I wake up and all I hear is freaking thunder. Are you kidding me. Back in Bay Area we never get thunder when it rains, only when there is a thunderstorm.

It's been roaring thunder for the last 20 minutes and like about 5 minutes ago it justs raining. Now I excepted the rain, but not the freaking thunder. If I see lighting I will not be happy.

I think at the moment the only people who are happy about this thunder is probably a rich hot family who is playing baseball at the moment if you know what i mean.
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Okay well I tried to take a picture of the full moon that is near our house tonight. Total failure. I need a different camera for that. But the moon is beautiful tonight though.

On the way to find a good spot which was across the street I ended up running into Toots. Although I didn't know if it was him until his tail twitched and he meowed. I also ended up running into Merlin. He was crouched in the grass and looking ready to pounce. When I got to him though he ran and pounced.

So when I was trying to take a good picture of the moon, Merlin followed me, although I didn't know it was him until I took a picture of him. I think I blinded him for a few seconds with my flash.

So after taking many horrible pictures and walking back to the house I found Merlin again, in the grass waiting to pounce. Seriously my cat is totally nuts, but in a good way. But I love him though. I ended up bringing Toots back in the house. Seriously that cat only comes back to the house around 9 PM now and then disappears for the rest.
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Okay now I ended up getting to Barnes and Noble like 6 hours early before they did registration. While I was waiting I ended up making some friends who were like 3-5 years younger then me, but they were still cool and all.

I ended up meeting with Jhonaline, Jackie, Matty (Finally), Karoline and her boyrfriend  David and his brother Bryan right before 10 so it was good to see them again. I ended hanging with them the rest of the night.

I ended up getting my book in the first 20 minutes but last in the group. Of course we just hung out after that for like 2 hours it was still fun. I didn't get home till like 2 in the morning

Well I finished Breaking Dawn in 6 Hours and 40 Minutes. I ended up passing out around round 7 in the morning  like 5 chapters before the end. Just finishing it like an hour ago since I finished the last five chapters in one hour.

I'll put up what I think of Breaking Dawn like later or something since  I need to figure out what I liked and really liked and all. But I still liked it though.


Jul. 23rd, 2008 11:54 pm
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Well I got some packing done. Like 4 1/2 boxes. Mostly all my books, CD's, Movies, and stuffed animals. Although I think my HP Books and Twilight Books get their own little small box together. Still my room doesn't look any different. Well only the walls are bare since their are no posters but thats all. I'm think of taking apart my bed and just using the mattress. Or at least use the sleeping bag I have. Still thinking about that though.
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Well I finally started packing at the same time watching Doctor Who since there is a marathon on scifi.

Ok more of the Doctor Who then the packing but I did get one box filled and all my posters down. And my room is so bare without all my posters. It was the reason why I put them up in the first place. But I'm hoping to get another box in or two before I end up passing out and all.

My mom and I keeps going on about who's computer is the best. I keep telling her mine is the best since I have a Macbook and she has a Dell Laptop. This has been going on since she got her laptop in like May or something.

i got 20 bucks from my dad. Well more of he dropped it and I picked it up and kept it. It had been folded up that I didn't notice it when I walked by it then he mentioned it and then I noticed it. He should know that if money is on the floor, finders keepers. Like seriously.
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Ok well I actually now believe that we have possums in the house. Mostly because I finally saw it with my own eyes. And it was so cute. I totally wanted to keep it as a pet. My dad said that thing is lucky to live since he would of killed it if he could. He even threw his cane at it.

Still I wanted to keep it. And it was just a baby. What I think is funny is that I now know that my mom's cat is not a killer. I mean he brought in dead birds and ate it in front of us. He see's a possum looking at him and he doesn't even notice it. Damn cat.

But still I want the possum as a pet. I would name it Spot. I don't know why, I just would.
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Well I'm cleaning the living room, just mostly little things and I notice something floating up in the fish tank.

At first I started thinking 'Oh God, I killed a fish' since I'm supposed to be looking after them while my dad is in the hospital even though I wasn't paying attention when he was telling me about the fish food. And so I thought it didn't get any food and it died since the fishes haven't been feed since Tuesday morning. Again freaking out here, until I get a closer look at it. Now I know for sure that I didn't kill the fish because one eye was missing and parts of its body didn't look there.

Now my dad has been going saying that he was going to get rid of the big fish we have since he thinks that it has been killing off the other little fish. And I haven't like telling no, the fish didn't eat the other fish, don't get rid of it.

What we have is like is like a small blue lobster thing who's name I can't think of even though we named it 'Stayin Alive' since at one point my dad thought it was dead and didn't feed it for months until he found that the little bastard was alive. Hence the name. We also have like this huge round fish that is like black and yellow (the big fish) and two twin big fishes and this little black fish. Of course a few months ago we had more little fish, but they gone now.

After seeing that little fish floating up in the water, I'm starting to think that the fish are like ganging up together and taking certain fishes out. Like seriously. My dad will be upset when we see's that fish though. I just hope he doesn't get rid of the big fish. I keep on telling him, just get big fish so know they can't kill each other or eat each other.

Plus I see it as the small fish eats the little fish, the medium fish eats the small fish, the large fish eats the medium fish, the extra large fish eats the large fish and then we eat the extra large fish.
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Ok well with me making a post at this early in the morning can only mean one thing. Me doing an all nighter. And because I have something to do tomorrow. Well just school but nothing important. Just me staying up all night watching all 15 episodes of Gossip Girl.

And have I have to say I love the show. The show is made of awesome. And I love Blair. Yes she might be a bitch have the time. But she does have her moments where you have to love her. Also I can't help Blair/Chuck. I think I started liking them and thinking that they should be a couple like in the first episode. But after the whole thing with her and him later on, I totally just loved them. Also am I the only one who thinks that Jenny is just a little annoying piece of crap. Someone needs to like slap her or put her in her place. Also Nate *sigh*. I totally want Nate for my own. I just love everything about him. Including Chuck and Dan. I think somebody needs to combine all three and there will be the perfect guy for me. Also Georgina, I think I love her even more since the person who plays her played Dawn in Buffy. So when I saw the promo for that episode I was like 'OMG Dawn, your back'. It was because of her that I started watching the show again. And yes it was totally worth it. Yes she might be a bitch but she is made of awesome.

And I am the only one who noticed that when you put B(Blair), S(Serena), and G(Georgina) you get BSG which is mostly stands for Battlestar Galactica. I thought that was just a little funny you know. Or it was weird that I even noticed it.
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Well I didn't go to school again. Yes I know, I am a bad girl. I think Jared and Jensen should punish me for missing school :D Mostly I didn't put on my other alarm I think. Plus my mom told me that I hung up on her when she tried to call me and wake up. Yeah when she does that I have no memory of them. It's why she yells at me for hanging up on her.

I finally watched Moonlight. Even though it does remind me of Angel just a little bit, I can't help but like it.
Rambles on Moonlight )

Supernatural I love you. Please never leave me. I think every episode really does get better
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Well I didn't go to school today. I didn't mean for it to happen but it just did. I mean I woke up at 7. I guess I just stayed in bed for a minutes semi listening to Don Blue in the Morning I think going on about the election and stuff and must of drifted off to sleep. Woke back up around 8 and found out that my dad was still asleep so I knew right then I wouldn't be going to school since it was already too late to go to school and all. But again I didn't mean for it to happen. Hell I wanted to go to school.

So all day I ended up watching movies: Resident Evil: Extinction and Once. Both are awesome and Once surprised me since I thought it would totally different from what I thought it was about. But I love the freaking soundtrack to it. Just beautiful it is.

Also I saw a new Doctor Who Trailer, so thank you [ profile] gemstar69 for showing us this. Doctor Who fans will go into fangirl mode and scream. I know I did. haha I can't wait to tell and show this to my friend since I know he will go into fangirl and screaming mode.
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Happy New Year everybody. Yes I am a little behind, but for at the moment I have been the most laziest person ever. Sometimes I have to will myself just to get up. Plus now I have been sleeping during the day and awake at night. I feel like I am bat or something. My mom thought I was on drugs. It's not like that was the first time she told me that though.

I also got Twilight, so I am hoping to start that maybe when school starts since I got DVD's to watch. Lots and Lots of DVD's.

For the last few days though I realized that I kept on humming Potter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" and if you either don't know what that is, has been a while since you seen it, or has not seen it but knows somewhat of what it is, then just watch this and see what I keep on humming it.

Also people, if anybody could get me this will be in my debt for freaking life. Totally mean that. My life will be in your hands. Also this too. Well its the more important one. I mean who wouldn't want a HarryandDraco Plushie and a Severus Snape ft ferret!Draco Plushie. These things are like every Harry Potter and Harry/Draco fans dreams come true and things to own too.

Also I finally have finished the 2007 Vidding Meme that I forgot to finish before New Years and had been being posted everywhere before New Years. I think this was where the laziness kicked in or something
I see it as totally weird that all my 2007 videos were made with Sony Vegas 7 )


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