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Well I finally got one of my Sweet Charity bids done. I blame school and lack of a muse for not getting this done earlier. What I made was 10 HP Adult Icons for Penknife. So I hope the person likes them and enjoy.

1-10 || Harry Potter: Adults
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10 Harry Potter Icons )
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I signed up for Sweet Charity again. This time this is a special auction for January is to fund raise in support of those affected by the writer's strike. But bidding doesn't start till the 18th though. So if you want something here is what I am offering:

Buyer Input:
  • I will vid either Harry Potter, Heroes (Season 1 Only), Veronica Mars, or The Notebook (Movie). I will do gen, het, AU, slash/femslash .You can either do one of the three:
    • -Ask for the ship/character you want vidded with the song you wanted used also
    • -Just pick a ship/character you want to be seen vidded with me picking the song
    • -Just pick the song while I pick ship/character that fits best.
Song Choice:
  • I can either choose one, or let you decide - Any kind but I prefer some pop, rock, vid poprock and some heavier rock music, but I will not vid country&western or Rap/HipHop. I would prefer a song rather than an instrumental piece.
To see examples of my vids please visit
Buyer Input:
  • I will create up to 10-30 icons and 1-2 set(s) of Wallpapers to the top three bidders.
  • I can only make icons and wallpaper from the following fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Heroes, Harry Potter, Veronica Mars, Supernatural. and Doctor Who (New). You can also request from multiple fandoms. If it's not a fandom I normally do, then it would be much appreciated if you could point me to pictures or screencaps, but it's not a requirement
  • Examples of my icons and wallpaper can be seen Here

So Again if you want something from me the Bidding starts January 18th and ends January 26. And yes that might sound somewhat very wrong, but remember it is for a good cause.

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Video Title: Twist & Turns of Fate
Song: Little Wonders by Rob Thomas
Character/Fandom: The Trio; Harry Potter
Summary: The good and bad that the trio had to face to get where they are now.

Download | Imeem

Vidders Notes: Now this is the first time that I have ever vidded The Trio. Now since this is one of the three videos that I am making for Sweet Charity, this winning bidder had picked the fandom and I had picked the song. So at the moment bring on any kind of feedback (good or bad), mostly if you are like Trio experts. Either way, I hope you all enjoy the video.

Remember feedback feeds my computer.
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Senior Project is a pain in my ass. Well the Peer Draft is a pain in my ass. Really the whole week that's the only thing Ive been doing. Its a shock that Ive been doing my work at all. I only have half it done and I still have to type it up.

My mom is going to kill me by the time next Saturday comes. Its the day we get out Report Card. This is what I think I have so far.
D or F in Web Design 2.
F in Piano 1
B in TV/Broadcasting
D or C in English 4G
C in Economics
B in Government
And a B in French 2

And I know what your all thinking "How the hell am I getting a better grade in French and not English when I speak English" (Tell me what TV show I got that from and Ill give you a cookie or maybe an Icon or Wallpaper or maybe a custom made video)

OK what I'm doing right now is that I'm selling myself out. And not like that you twisted freaks, but I'm doing that over at Sweet Charity. I'm mostly selling my time (Or the time I have when not ding Senior Projects) and making custom videos for the winning bidder. The money though is going over to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network). If you are interested please join up and dig deep. There are many other fandom folk, 160 in total, offering a wide variety of items that you could buy (fanfic,videos, clothing, art, jewelry etc. If you don't want what I am offering then please check out the other fantabulous Hos.

This is what I am offering
These are the fandoms I can vid for you: Harry Potter, Buffy, Veronica Mars, and The Notebook

Buyer input:
You can either ask for the couple/character you want vidded with the song also or just pick a couple/character you want to be seen vidded with me picking the song or other way around. You pick song while I pick couple/character.

Click the banner below to find out more.


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