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First off [ profile] sdwolfpup has started a Vidding Truth Meme - where any one who is willing can leave feedback or comments on the videos I've made or how you feel about me, as a vidder in general. You post as "Anonymous" over here. And I am over here

Another thing, I started on a Sam(spn)//Harry(hp) video with the song 'Somebody Help Me' by Full Blown Rose. At first it was just going to be a Harry vid, but after watching Season 2 of Supernatural it then turned into a Harry//Sam video. I don't know when it will be finished though since school starts next week. I only started it now was because if I didn't now, I would never start on it. But what I have so far, it looks pretty good.
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I signed up for Sweet Charity again. This time this is a special auction for January is to fund raise in support of those affected by the writer's strike. But bidding doesn't start till the 18th though. So if you want something here is what I am offering:

Buyer Input:
  • I will vid either Harry Potter, Heroes (Season 1 Only), Veronica Mars, or The Notebook (Movie). I will do gen, het, AU, slash/femslash .You can either do one of the three:
    • -Ask for the ship/character you want vidded with the song you wanted used also
    • -Just pick a ship/character you want to be seen vidded with me picking the song
    • -Just pick the song while I pick ship/character that fits best.
Song Choice:
  • I can either choose one, or let you decide - Any kind but I prefer some pop, rock, vid poprock and some heavier rock music, but I will not vid country&western or Rap/HipHop. I would prefer a song rather than an instrumental piece.
To see examples of my vids please visit
Buyer Input:
  • I will create up to 10-30 icons and 1-2 set(s) of Wallpapers to the top three bidders.
  • I can only make icons and wallpaper from the following fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Heroes, Harry Potter, Veronica Mars, Supernatural. and Doctor Who (New). You can also request from multiple fandoms. If it's not a fandom I normally do, then it would be much appreciated if you could point me to pictures or screencaps, but it's not a requirement
  • Examples of my icons and wallpaper can be seen Here

So Again if you want something from me the Bidding starts January 18th and ends January 26. And yes that might sound somewhat very wrong, but remember it is for a good cause.

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Happy New Year everybody. Yes I am a little behind, but for at the moment I have been the most laziest person ever. Sometimes I have to will myself just to get up. Plus now I have been sleeping during the day and awake at night. I feel like I am bat or something. My mom thought I was on drugs. It's not like that was the first time she told me that though.

I also got Twilight, so I am hoping to start that maybe when school starts since I got DVD's to watch. Lots and Lots of DVD's.

For the last few days though I realized that I kept on humming Potter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" and if you either don't know what that is, has been a while since you seen it, or has not seen it but knows somewhat of what it is, then just watch this and see what I keep on humming it.

Also people, if anybody could get me this will be in my debt for freaking life. Totally mean that. My life will be in your hands. Also this too. Well its the more important one. I mean who wouldn't want a HarryandDraco Plushie and a Severus Snape ft ferret!Draco Plushie. These things are like every Harry Potter and Harry/Draco fans dreams come true and things to own too.

Also I finally have finished the 2007 Vidding Meme that I forgot to finish before New Years and had been being posted everywhere before New Years. I think this was where the laziness kicked in or something
I see it as totally weird that all my 2007 videos were made with Sony Vegas 7 )
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I finally have a new video. This one is made for [ profile] ck2110 since I was his Secret Santa over at Reverie. Either way this is my first video since July so it has been a while. Anyway here it is and I hope everybody likes it.

Title: My Best Friend
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Song: My Best Friend by Weezer
Characters: Veronica and Wallace
Summary: A friendship overview of Veronica and Wallace throughout the years
Length: 2:31

Download: 36 Mbs Zipped WMV
Streem: Imeem

+Feedback and comments are my crack
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School: Well at the moment I have dropped my Multimedia Graphics class and also my Introduction to Film Class. Reason for Multimedia was because for one I was the youngest and most experienced in that class. Plus once we started web design and I found out that it was Multimedia Photoshop for web design I was like Bye-Bye. For Into to Film, I realized today while looking at the study guide the teacher gave us, that I wasn't interested in the class anymore. I don't know why, but I just wasn't anymore. My mom was OK with it though. And now I have two W's on my transcript. I can already hear Boris R. going off about that dropping that class was a stupid thing to do. Plus he said the same thing when I told him about Photoshop. But the good thing about school at the moment is that in all my classes I have C's which is a good thing because their is still time to raise them. I also I saw the counselor and now I have priority in choosing my classes for Spring Semester which is a really good thing.

Life/Friends: Well I hung out with Mina and Boris G. Both on different days. Friday night and Sunday night hung out with Boris. It was Friday that we saw Good Luck Chuck. All I can say is that I will never be able to look at penguins the same ever again. Like seriously. And then Saturday night saw Across the Universe with Mina. That was also a good movie. I demand that everybody buy the soundtrack. Like seriously that's like an order. But for some reasons with a few scenes I felt like I needed to be high just to understand them.

Music: Dude. Mina got me back into N'SYNC. No joke. I mean I am a fan of them, have all their CD's but it was her saying that she had "Pop" stuck in her head, it then got into mine and now I have some/half/half of half of their songs on my ipod. I feel like I am in a pop stage. But what can I say N'SYNC will always be awesome and will always pwn and own Backstreet Boys.

Vidding: yeah......its going to be a while before I go into vidding again. For some reason my muse has like gone on vacation. Like seriously. I would have Vegas up and nothing of the ideaness would come out of the brain. And I don't know when the muse will come back either. So time will tell and I will just work with vidding very very very slowly.

Graphics: I have a new wallpaper. Its based on the Season 3 Premiere of Supernatural. I had loved the demons in that episode. Mostly its because its the Seven Deadly Sins. And I had always thought that was a fascinating subject. But here it is and I hope you like it.
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School: The week has been good. I think I said this is the past very past, but I am not and never will be a morning person. I am just glad that I can sleep on the bus on the way to school.

I think I decided to drop my Multimedia Graphics class. I am the only experienced one in there and youngest too. I had been thinking about but then once the teacher started going over HTML, I decided that, that class wasn't for me. I mean I took a year of Web Design already and plus I have a site. I think I already know how to make a website. Either way, this isn't 100%, more like 80%. I'm going to get more opinion's on it, and see what they think. In the end though I probably will drop it though.

Vidding: The Ron/Hermione video is going good, I have like 25% done and I'm hoping to maybe get it done by this weekend or in two weeks. That's if I work on it every night or something. After that though, I might start on a Heroes Vid or a Harry Vid. Whatever comes first. Although If I go for Heroes I will try not to use Season 2. That is a small try not to though :D

Graphics: I got icons done. All Heroes related though. I would of put these up at the beginning of the week, but school got in the way. So here they are.

Preview Preview Preview Preview

48 Heroes Icons )

New Vid

Apr. 28th, 2006 07:18 pm
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Title: No Bravery
Song: No Bravery by James Blunt
Ship: One Tree Hill -Episode 3.16-
Download: Filefont | 18.4 MB; WMV
Summary: ok this video is mostly about what went down that day jimmy briught the gun to school and how dan shot his brother keith or some thing around there. again, you must see the episodes before this one to get why he brought the gun to school and if you are OTH fans, then you wont have a problem. also the video shows that it only takes one person to bring down a school or to at least get somebody killed.


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