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Well it is snowing.

Fucking snow, I hate you.

Also my dad said that it was Ash Wednesday and that he wasn't going to cook tonight and that "I should respect the lord".

I swear I almost giggled when he said that last part.

Damn you Castiel
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Well I am getting new boots later on. I need them. The snow came down heavy yesterday and last night. I mean the snow now is like ankle deep and is not good for the warm slippers I have at the moment.
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Well I ended up playing with Athena in the snow. It was fun. I first threw a snowball at Athena and it got her right in the face. After that I just threw snow all over her which of course got all over me. Then she just went all attack mode on me.

Of course by the end of it I tried to make a snow angel. It was unsuccessful, mostly because the snow wasn't deep enough and Athena kept on biting me.

Still fun though.
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Well I woke up like Quarter to Midnight and well it snowed again. Snow is pretty. I ended up throwing a small patch of snow at Athena when I took her out. She did nothing about it.

Also is downloading Merlin as I type. So I hope to watch it like an a hour or so. Well post more about that later.
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Well I just experienced snow no less then 10 minutes ago. It was wasn't much and very light at the moment still.



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