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2009-12-25 01:44 am

Birthday/Christmas List of 09 (Topped Post)

On this list is what I want for my birthday. Some of it seem impossible to get but I still want it. This list will be here for a while since I know that this list will eventually become my Christmas List. If that happens, things will get added.

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2009-06-17 08:21 pm

The Mortal Instruments

I finished City of Bones. I really really liked it. Thank you [ profile] marilyne_22 for introducing it

My thoughts & Spoilers on City of Bones )

Now off to read City of Ashes. Also where can I get the paperback version of City of Glass or am I going to have to wait or something.
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2009-06-06 11:51 pm

Stories written by Cassandra Claire

Well i just finished reading the 2nd story of The Draco Trilogy by Cassandra Claire. Took 9 hours but it was worth it. Also the 1st story only took 2 hours. First off I am loving the story so far. Mostly her writing. Her writing and style is like sex to me. Also loving the freaking Buffy references. Mostly in the 2nd story. BtVs and Harry Potter, two things that should always go together.

And for some reason I am not dying with the whole Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny stuff that is within the stories. Usually I would be. Maybe because deep down I am hoping and praying that the Draco/Hermione stuff will pop back up again. Still I think my friend would be in shock that I am semi liking Draco/Ginny.

When I finish the 3rd story, which I will start tomorrow and will probably take all day tomorrow and a little bit of the next, I am totally freaking start on The Mortal Intrauments. If her writing in The Draco Trilogy is like same in The Mortal Intrauments then I am already in love.
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2009-05-25 05:31 pm

5 New Walls

Well I have 5 new walls. Finally I know. The muse is coming back but slowly. This time I will not pressure my muse. This time only one of them is for a challenge at Effulgent. The rest of are based of ideas. So I hope you enjoy

5 Wallpapers:
-3 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-2 Gossip Girl (Spoilers for 2x24)


+Walls are made for Desktop and personal use only
+Please comment. It is love & feeds my computer
+do NOT change or alter in any form my creations
+Please don't steal/claim as your own.
+Please do not hotlink. Please save to your own server
+don't forget to enjoy!
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2009-05-19 09:57 pm


Well thank you to [ profile] winterevanesce, I now have a Dreamwidth account now.

It is a backup if something happens with LJ and all. Of course no matter what my main journal will be LJ. Been here for years so its going to be a while before I live this place
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2009-05-15 02:26 pm

Btvs, DW, & Twilight Icons

Yes you see right an Icon Post. It has been so long I know. I guess I finally got in the mood to make some. Well I here they are and I hope you enjoy.

[1 - 11] - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[12 - 16] - Doctor Who
[17 - 28] - Twilight

+Please credit [ profile] twistedhitler07
+Please comment. It is love & feeds my computer
+do NOT change or alter in any form my creations
+textless icons are not bases
+Please do not hotlink. Please save to your own server
+don't forget to enjoy!
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2009-05-13 12:48 pm

The Mortal Instruments

Well I ended up getting Book 1 & 2 of The Mortal Instruments Series at Costco. They were like $5.99 each so I thought why not. Although I don't know when I will start reading them. Seriously I have bad habit of buying books and not getting around to reading them. But I do want to read this series and I heard really good things about it.
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2009-05-12 10:56 pm


Dude, starting June 21 NBC is showing Merlin

Holy Shit freaking yes

I was wondering when it was going to hit America, mostly on BBCA. But now I know it won't be on BBCA but on NBC.

Again freaking yay
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2009-05-07 10:06 pm
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ummm is it Next Thursday yet?

Seriously. SPN Season 4 = EPIC

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2009-05-02 03:35 pm

Lost, Dollhouse and SPN

Holy Fraking Oh My God

I think that covers it all

Can not wait till next weeks episodes
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2009-04-26 10:57 pm

Buffy Fanfiction taking over my life

Well for the last 2 weeks I have been reading nothing but Spuffy fics. I kid you not. They have taking over my life. I have realized that I love reading:
-Spike getting abused some way some how and Buffy come for the rescue
-instead of Spike getting a soul from the demon in Africa he made him human
-Buffy finds out that Spike is alive after Sunnydale became nothing
-and my favorite AU Human stories where everybody is human and slayers, vampires, & demons don't exsit

I swear I am so addicted right now I am very close to pulling out the DVDs and re-watching the series, starting with Season 2 and skipping Season 3 and parts of Season 4 and watching all of Seasons 5-7 and going off to Angel Season 5.

Hell I'm even very close to start reading Spike/Angel fics. But I already know that I am probably going to start reading those later on tonight or tomorrow.
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2009-04-11 10:44 pm

Doctor Who...?

Since Ive been reading Buffy/Spike fanfiction all day I didn't know there was a new special for Doctor Who coming out today until about an hour ago. I feel so bad since I am a fan of the fandom. I knew there was two more specials, I guess I just forgot when the second special was coming out.

Luckly I am downloading it now so I should be watching it late one or an in about an hour or two. I hope.

I hope this never happens to me again. I never want to forget something important that happens within the fandoms that I love.
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2009-04-10 08:43 pm

(no subject)

While watching the commercial for Terminator Salvation I am starting to believe that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Terminator Movies, and BSG are like in the same universe somehow.

If you think about it all totally makes sense.
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2009-04-10 07:16 pm

Spuffy Fanfiction?

For some reason I am starting to ready Buffy/Spike fanfiction. And all because I read all of Draco/Hermione and Draco/Harry and Harry/Snape father/mentor figure fanfics and I need something new.

Of course I now can't stop reading Spuffy fics.


Oh how I am totally screwed.
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2009-04-05 07:31 pm

Kicked by a Horse and Television Facts

Life: Well I got kicked by a horse a few days ago. Mostly in the leg. I was lucky that it wasn't broken since I'm not covered since I'm not in school. Since then the swelling has gone down and my knee isn't as bad as I thought it would be so thats also good. At the moment I just have a medium sized bruise on my knee. Still I now know what it feels like to be kicked by a horse and I hope to neve relive it.

-Smallville: I am really glad that Davis is not gone because I love his character. I think he brings out the evil in Chloe. Also I am shipping Davis/Chloe like hardcore.
-Supernatural: I loved the episode. The first half cracked me up. And I am loving Castiel even more. Including with Dean/Casitel.

I noticed that after next year I am like losing maybe about 5 of my shows. I think. I know Lost is in its last season next year. Also maybe with Supernatural since I know they don't want to do more then 5 Seasons. I think One Tree Hill might be ending. Not too sure with that one. And I am hoping that Heroes and Smallville ends next year even though I do love/like both shows. And why do I feel like I am missing a few.
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2009-03-30 09:05 pm
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Thoughts on BSG Finale

Well I finished BSG.

Spoilers )
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2009-03-29 10:49 pm
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(no subject)

Well watching the last 7 episodes of BSG in bed. I was tried and wanted to go to bed but I still wanted to watch. I will write more on Season 4 when I finish since I think anything I talk/rant about will be spoilerish. Of course every time I read the small summary on the episode list for Season 4, mostly the last episodes, I feel like I am spoiling myself. Damn you Wikipedia
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2009-03-28 08:11 pm

Harry Potter in Disney

Why is that every time I watch Aladdin I can't help but see Lucius Malfoy in Jafar. I swear Jafar is like Lucius Malfoy in Disney form. Down to the way he talks and his staff. I think Lucius Malfoy was based off Jafar.

I really need to stop mixing Harry Potter into other fandoms
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2009-03-28 07:29 pm
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Is it me or does Gaius look like a relative of Wesley. I noticed this once he shaved and cut his hair. I swear once I get into a show I start mixing together my fandoms.

Also I love that Gaius is starting to see his Alter Ego. Mostly the version that Caprica 6 usually sees. Oh Gaius I love you and want you. All versions of you.

Also I want a Gaius icon. Can somebody point me the way to one
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2009-03-28 04:34 pm
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New Bad Haircut

Well I got my haircut today. It turned out bad. My hair looks butchered. Mostly the left side. I look like I got a bad version of Sarah Connors (from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) hair. The person who did my hair doesn't know the word Layers. My mom asked if I wanted to go back to fix it, but I think my hair can't be fixed. I guess I have to wait a month or two for my hair to grow out.