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I finished City of Bones. I really really liked it. Thank you [ profile] marilyne_22 for introducing it

My thoughts & Spoilers on City of Bones )

Now off to read City of Ashes. Also where can I get the paperback version of City of Glass or am I going to have to wait or something.
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Well i just finished reading the 2nd story of The Draco Trilogy by Cassandra Claire. Took 9 hours but it was worth it. Also the 1st story only took 2 hours. First off I am loving the story so far. Mostly her writing. Her writing and style is like sex to me. Also loving the freaking Buffy references. Mostly in the 2nd story. BtVs and Harry Potter, two things that should always go together.

And for some reason I am not dying with the whole Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny stuff that is within the stories. Usually I would be. Maybe because deep down I am hoping and praying that the Draco/Hermione stuff will pop back up again. Still I think my friend would be in shock that I am semi liking Draco/Ginny.

When I finish the 3rd story, which I will start tomorrow and will probably take all day tomorrow and a little bit of the next, I am totally freaking start on The Mortal Intrauments. If her writing in The Draco Trilogy is like same in The Mortal Intrauments then I am already in love.
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Well I ended up getting Book 1 & 2 of The Mortal Instruments Series at Costco. They were like $5.99 each so I thought why not. Although I don't know when I will start reading them. Seriously I have bad habit of buying books and not getting around to reading them. But I do want to read this series and I heard really good things about it.
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I'm still sick, but I am a little bit better. Coughing less. So thats a plus.

I ended up getting Angels & Demons at Costco. I am hoping to start reading it, even though I haven't finished reading Wicked.

I am finally getting a haircut tomorrow. It is well overdue.

Also on BSG (Still on Season 3) I am loving the whole D'Anna/Gaius/Caprica thing that is going on. Only SciFi would give me a threesome. Also they need to kiss and makeup. Also the whole Anders/Kara/Lee/Dualla triangle/square thing is pissing me off. Mostly the whole Kara/Lee thing
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College: Well I am back in Elementary Algebra. I swear that class haunts me. I have to go back to advising in mid summer since right now there doing advising for Spring. Still I don't have to go back for a few months. Saves me money on bus fare.

Book: Well I started on Wicked. I am still on the first chapter. Although I did find the place where I left off last time. It was in the middle of chapter 2. I wonder if I will get past that. I hope so.

-Lost: WTF is going on is so confused. LOVING IT. Also I am loving Ben again. Yes I know he has killed but I love him no matter what he does. What can I say I have a weakness for Bad/Evil guys. Also I think there is still a change for Kate/Sawyer. Fucking Yes. Also am I the only one who liked Jack in that blue shirt. I want answers next week for the questions they left us with. Of course we will only get more questions. Oh why do you this us Lost.
-Smallville: I am really loving this season. Also I want Davis/Chloe to happen. And then they turn evil and rule the world. No Joke. But seriously I really felt bad for Chloe. And why am I feeling love for Jimmy Olsen.
-Supernatural: I love you Dean and Sam. Whether you do naughty things or not. After the latest episode I don't know who I love more. Also did I see Alec with in Dean. If so, I love you. Oh how I love this season.
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Well I finished my second book earlier. I ended up reading Brideshead Revisited. I liked it, I did. It's different from what I usually read and I like reading something different every now and then.

I think I might start reading Wicked next. But I also want to read The Host. I don't know which one to start on first. Wicked or The Host.

Still I can't believe that I am still reading non-fanfiction. I thought I would like stop after Alice, but I'm glad I didn't. When I read it makes the day for faster.
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Well ended up driving with the parents. They wanted to go somewhere since it was a nice day out. Only payed attention to a quarter of it since I ended up reading 'Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking-Glass', Although I only got through the first part of it. Might read 'Through the Looking-Glass' later. Still a good thing. Finally reading a book that's on my list.

I also ended up signing up for Twitter last week. So yeah. The only downside is that its hard to send Tweets through my phone since its hard to get signal.
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I bought two more books from Barnes and Noble. Well my mom bought them, but still, more books from Barnes and Noble. Seriously that place is like crack to me. I just can't stop ordering from that place.

Also caught up on four new/old shows. Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Pushing Daises and True Blood. As you can see, I have too much time on my hands.
Pushing Daises is cute and quirky and thats what I like about it. Also I can't help but to be sucked in by the narrator, who of course is Jim Dale who does the audiobooks for Harry Potter. Seriously I recognized that voice, the minute I heard it. Plus Ned, to me, is freaking adorable and I want him for myself. And am I the only one who kind of wants Olive/Chuck to him. I dunno, for some reason I can totally see them happening.

Now with True Blood, I love the show and it sucks that I have to wait till summer to get new episodes. Seriously right when it was getting good. And yay Buffy references. Seriously freaking yay, even though there were only two, still yay. Now I want to know, am I the only one who totally is like loving Bill/Eric? You know Bill would be submissive threw out the whole thing. And stop stopping on cliffhangers. Not cool people. Also Eric and Sam are like teh sex and I can't decided who I want more.

Also about the HBP ABC Family Sneak Peak. Why is July do far away. The stuff about Tom Riddle looked so cool. I want it now. And why isn't Merlin downloading. That is not cool. No it is not. Is anybody else having this problem?

And lastly, I realized when making my wish list for Christmas on Amazon, that the only thing that I am wanting are books, comic books, DVD's, an ipod, and a Slytherin Scarf.
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Well I just pre-ordered The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I never thought I would read a Harry Potter book again. Well something new that is. It also felt good to order something Harry Potter. Seriously it does. And plus this should hold me over till July. I hope.
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Well I finally renewed my Barnes and Noble membership. My mom payed for it since it was her present to me for my birthday so I am glad about that. Also I got the Jane Austen: The Complete Novels from Costco since they had it. It was only for like 12 bucks and I think it was more at B&N too.

Also I need a bigger book self for all these books I have since I keep adding and buying. Plus I need to start up reading. I have like 13 unread books.
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After watching The Unicorn and the Wasp from Season 4 of Doctor Who, I told my friends that I had never heard of Agatha Christie or read any of her books, and I haven't by the way. And of course this was when the episode came out.

Now I'm am going through my books and realized that I had one of her books the whole time, And Then There Were None. I kind of laughed since the names never clicked at the time. Plus I had gotten the book back in Freshmen Year (although I forgot how and where I got it), even though I did like it.

I can't wait to tell Maria and Stephen about this one.
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I just packed away my Harry Potter books and Twilight books......

I feel so empty inside now

And right when I was done 'Everything You Ever' from Dr. Horrible started to play

Yes I feel totally empty right now
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Happy New Year everybody. Yes I am a little behind, but for at the moment I have been the most laziest person ever. Sometimes I have to will myself just to get up. Plus now I have been sleeping during the day and awake at night. I feel like I am bat or something. My mom thought I was on drugs. It's not like that was the first time she told me that though.

I also got Twilight, so I am hoping to start that maybe when school starts since I got DVD's to watch. Lots and Lots of DVD's.

For the last few days though I realized that I kept on humming Potter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" and if you either don't know what that is, has been a while since you seen it, or has not seen it but knows somewhat of what it is, then just watch this and see what I keep on humming it.

Also people, if anybody could get me this will be in my debt for freaking life. Totally mean that. My life will be in your hands. Also this too. Well its the more important one. I mean who wouldn't want a HarryandDraco Plushie and a Severus Snape ft ferret!Draco Plushie. These things are like every Harry Potter and Harry/Draco fans dreams come true and things to own too.

Also I finally have finished the 2007 Vidding Meme that I forgot to finish before New Years and had been being posted everywhere before New Years. I think this was where the laziness kicked in or something
I see it as totally weird that all my 2007 videos were made with Sony Vegas 7 )


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