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Well for one school is well school. Didn't go to school on Friday. I don't know why, but I always end up not going to school on Fridays. That really needs to stop. For once I am finally getting homework done. No lie. I am actually sitting done and doing my homework. And then take a nap after or during my film homework. I feel so proud of myself since I finally getting the god damn thing done.

I GOT SUPERNATURAL SEASON 1 ON DVD FOR ONLY 30 DOLLARS. AM SO HAPPY. Seriously I am. I at first I thought it was 45 bucks (I was still going to buy it either way) but when the person rung it up, my mouth actually dropped when I saw the price as 29.99. The whole time, even when paying. Of course I didn't realize until out of Target that the person had left the protect case on. When I told my friend Travis he was like "YAY now we can have a Supernatural Marathon" since he also a fan like me. I already know I will end up watching the season before we do that marathon.

And I finally finished with Veronica Mars. I ended up watching the end of season 2 and all of Season three today and yesterday. But is too lazy to write about what I think about both of the seasons. So expect that like sometime later or something. When I told my friend that I finally finished watching the show, his only answer "About god damn time" since I started with season one about like January or something.
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School: Finals are this week. Mostly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I realized the only ones I have to worry about is my final for well my Film Class, Health Class, and Math Class. Ok well I have to worry about all my finals. I just have to study for mostly my Film Class. But I should do good on all of them though.

Life/Friends: Man I made so many new friends at CSM. And all because of just one person whos name will not be mentioned. But still its because of these people that make CSM so much fun. Also I get to see Jhona and Jacky tomorrow. That totally makes my monday it does. And for life right now. Well at the moment its ok but at the same time sucks. I think my luck finally went gone on Friday, but I don't know. Also I got myself Season 2 and 3 of Buffy for like 22 bucks each at FYE. That had made my day but the stupid store didn't have Season 5 or 6. Those are the two that I really wont. But whatever, you can only get what you can get.

Music: I so much new music. Its like holy shit. This is why I love Reverie. I mean why I got my ipod back in November I had about over 600 songs. And now I have over 1,000. But all the new music that I got though is awesome.

TV: I can't wait for Janurary. Mostly because thats when everything comes back. And dude I can't wait for Touchwood. Mostly because I can't wait to see James Marsters make out with John Barrowman. I have heard that the whole thing will be hot. And Dude Rose is coming for a few episodes on Doctor Who. That makes my day. Although I already feel sorry for the Doctor. I mean he is going to have to deal with Donna, Martha, and Rose altogether. I can't wait for the whole thing. And omg Supernatural. I always knew that old people would kill you in the end :D Also only Dean can make saying 'fudge' instead 'fuck' hot and awesome.

Graphics: Well I have Two new Wallpapers. Both were made for a present for a friend for her birthday. In the end I liked how both came out even though one of them was a pain in the ass to make.
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Vid Rec: Also are some video's that I think that are really worth watching. All of these are just fantastic. And since I am a big fan of these fandoms, it definitely them even more awesome in my book.
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Thursday: Well nothing special happened. My Thanksgiving was kind of boring. Although I went and saw August Rush with Boris G. And trust me when I say this, that August Rush is a movie worth seeing.

Friday: I mostly spent that day with Andrew. Thats all that needs to be said.

Saturday: So much fun. My dad let me drive the Explorer on the way out of Pescadero. My mom told me that I scared him a little since I kept going off the road alittle bit. It was when I got home that I got a call from Alica and met her and Ha-anh up at Stonestone. We then went to Irving Street and SF and got some Baskin Robins and then went to a Basketball Game at City College. The whole time I felt out of place since their colors are Elcamino's colors. But altogether that day was a total blast.

Today: Dude I got all my math homework that I neglated to do for the last two weeks done. It took four hours. But I got it all done. Towards the end I kept on getting distracted by the people playing Ping Pong since that game rocks my socks. Well it does when played with Alicia, Kenny, Matt and Mike. But Andrew brought me back to earth so I can finish all the damn Math. By the way Math is evil at the moment. Mostly since I've seen too much of it today for a life time.

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I also made two new wallpapers on Sunday. They were two wishes that were being granted over at Reverie One is a Jim/Pam Wallpaper called In Love With You based on the Kiss from the Episode "Casino Night". It was made for [ profile] elishamarie28. And the other one is a Hadyen/Kristen Wallpaper called Smile and that one was made for the wonderful Flor, who is the sweetest person ever by the way. If you want to see them just click on the link below.

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First off, two things have been crossed off my Birthday/Christmas list. The 4 GB ipod since I got that on Saturday and instead of it being a 4GB it turned into a 8GB :D so I'm happy about that. Also Season 2 of Supernatural. Mina got me that and i am very happy about it because now I have Evil!Sam and Blue Steel and Dean beating up his car for life. So yay me.

Also I've been having an awesome week. What's so sad is that everything is been good and it started last week. That was the last time I saw Boris R. Is it sad that I don't want to see him for a while just so I can have good luck. I mean I deserve the luck. But so far, I meet so many new people at CSM. Including Andrew. All I am saying is that Andrew is awesome.

Now when I mean when everything has been good, I mean everything. Hell I found a new jacket and jeans on sale at Old Navy. See good luck. That stuff that never happens to me.

Also last thing my site Beautiful Visions won Site of the Month (SOTM)over at Graceful Escape. So yay me and my site. Also see thats good freaking luck right there. Also heres the award that I got and what she said.

I have been a huge fan of Quee's videos since she submitted them over @ Endless. Not only is she an amazing vidder, but she also makes lovely art. Her layout looks amazing! She is an all around sweet and talented person!
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School: Well at the moment I have dropped my Multimedia Graphics class and also my Introduction to Film Class. Reason for Multimedia was because for one I was the youngest and most experienced in that class. Plus once we started web design and I found out that it was Multimedia Photoshop for web design I was like Bye-Bye. For Into to Film, I realized today while looking at the study guide the teacher gave us, that I wasn't interested in the class anymore. I don't know why, but I just wasn't anymore. My mom was OK with it though. And now I have two W's on my transcript. I can already hear Boris R. going off about that dropping that class was a stupid thing to do. Plus he said the same thing when I told him about Photoshop. But the good thing about school at the moment is that in all my classes I have C's which is a good thing because their is still time to raise them. I also I saw the counselor and now I have priority in choosing my classes for Spring Semester which is a really good thing.

Life/Friends: Well I hung out with Mina and Boris G. Both on different days. Friday night and Sunday night hung out with Boris. It was Friday that we saw Good Luck Chuck. All I can say is that I will never be able to look at penguins the same ever again. Like seriously. And then Saturday night saw Across the Universe with Mina. That was also a good movie. I demand that everybody buy the soundtrack. Like seriously that's like an order. But for some reasons with a few scenes I felt like I needed to be high just to understand them.

Music: Dude. Mina got me back into N'SYNC. No joke. I mean I am a fan of them, have all their CD's but it was her saying that she had "Pop" stuck in her head, it then got into mine and now I have some/half/half of half of their songs on my ipod. I feel like I am in a pop stage. But what can I say N'SYNC will always be awesome and will always pwn and own Backstreet Boys.

Vidding: yeah......its going to be a while before I go into vidding again. For some reason my muse has like gone on vacation. Like seriously. I would have Vegas up and nothing of the ideaness would come out of the brain. And I don't know when the muse will come back either. So time will tell and I will just work with vidding very very very slowly.

Graphics: I have a new wallpaper. Its based on the Season 3 Premiere of Supernatural. I had loved the demons in that episode. Mostly its because its the Seven Deadly Sins. And I had always thought that was a fascinating subject. But here it is and I hope you like it.
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School: The week has been good. I think I said this is the past very past, but I am not and never will be a morning person. I am just glad that I can sleep on the bus on the way to school.

I think I decided to drop my Multimedia Graphics class. I am the only experienced one in there and youngest too. I had been thinking about but then once the teacher started going over HTML, I decided that, that class wasn't for me. I mean I took a year of Web Design already and plus I have a site. I think I already know how to make a website. Either way, this isn't 100%, more like 80%. I'm going to get more opinion's on it, and see what they think. In the end though I probably will drop it though.

Vidding: The Ron/Hermione video is going good, I have like 25% done and I'm hoping to maybe get it done by this weekend or in two weeks. That's if I work on it every night or something. After that though, I might start on a Heroes Vid or a Harry Vid. Whatever comes first. Although If I go for Heroes I will try not to use Season 2. That is a small try not to though :D

Graphics: I got icons done. All Heroes related though. I would of put these up at the beginning of the week, but school got in the way. So here they are.

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