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Well i just finished reading the 2nd story of The Draco Trilogy by Cassandra Claire. Took 9 hours but it was worth it. Also the 1st story only took 2 hours. First off I am loving the story so far. Mostly her writing. Her writing and style is like sex to me. Also loving the freaking Buffy references. Mostly in the 2nd story. BtVs and Harry Potter, two things that should always go together.

And for some reason I am not dying with the whole Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny stuff that is within the stories. Usually I would be. Maybe because deep down I am hoping and praying that the Draco/Hermione stuff will pop back up again. Still I think my friend would be in shock that I am semi liking Draco/Ginny.

When I finish the 3rd story, which I will start tomorrow and will probably take all day tomorrow and a little bit of the next, I am totally freaking start on The Mortal Intrauments. If her writing in The Draco Trilogy is like same in The Mortal Intrauments then I am already in love.
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Well for the last 2 weeks I have been reading nothing but Spuffy fics. I kid you not. They have taking over my life. I have realized that I love reading:
-Spike getting abused some way some how and Buffy come for the rescue
-instead of Spike getting a soul from the demon in Africa he made him human
-Buffy finds out that Spike is alive after Sunnydale became nothing
-and my favorite AU Human stories where everybody is human and slayers, vampires, & demons don't exsit

I swear I am so addicted right now I am very close to pulling out the DVDs and re-watching the series, starting with Season 2 and skipping Season 3 and parts of Season 4 and watching all of Seasons 5-7 and going off to Angel Season 5.

Hell I'm even very close to start reading Spike/Angel fics. But I already know that I am probably going to start reading those later on tonight or tomorrow.
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Since Ive been reading Buffy/Spike fanfiction all day I didn't know there was a new special for Doctor Who coming out today until about an hour ago. I feel so bad since I am a fan of the fandom. I knew there was two more specials, I guess I just forgot when the second special was coming out.

Luckly I am downloading it now so I should be watching it late one or an in about an hour or two. I hope.

I hope this never happens to me again. I never want to forget something important that happens within the fandoms that I love.
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For some reason I am starting to ready Buffy/Spike fanfiction. And all because I read all of Draco/Hermione and Draco/Harry and Harry/Snape father/mentor figure fanfics and I need something new.

Of course I now can't stop reading Spuffy fics.


Oh how I am totally screwed.
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Well my birthday was good, or mostly ok. Nothing good or bad happened. Only [ profile] winterevanesce, [ profile] dualbunny, [ profile] bananainpyjamas (the ones who responded to my last post) and three of my friends said Happy Birthday. So thanks to all if I hadn't said it before. Also when I go back to San Francisco my friends (the ones who said Happy B-Day) are going to make/get me a chocolate cake, so yay on that.

Mostly I spent the day reading Draco/Hermione Fanfiction since I got myself back into that couple. Also had Chinese food for dinner. And lastly watched Smallville and Supernatural. Smallville was great. I am loving this season and I am liking where it is going. And Supernatural was ok, the only thing that I liked about the episode was the huge talking suicidal teddy bear. That thing was awesome and I want an awesome icon of it (or a few). Plus a few animation of it. Still I can't wait for next weeks since next weeks looks amazing.
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Well I should be making icons and I have photoshop up and ready and the screencaps that I will make into icons, but I always get distracted. By fanfiction, Harry Potter fanfiction, Harry/Draco fanfiction. And I can't help it, Harry/Draco grabs you and sucks you in and doesn't let you go.


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