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Yes you see right an Icon Post. It has been so long I know. I guess I finally got in the mood to make some. Well I here they are and I hope you enjoy.

[1 - 11] - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[12 - 16] - Doctor Who
[17 - 28] - Twilight

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+do NOT change or alter in any form my creations
+textless icons are not bases
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+don't forget to enjoy!
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Well finally I have new art. I just went into an art faze this week. I was mostly getting things done that I had wanted to do and all. Which ended up with like 2 Wallpapers and like 169 icons. The icons are all from different fandoms, so their is a variety in there. What their is, is some Actor Icons, Buffy Icons from Season 6 and 7, Daniel Radcliffe and David Tennant Icons, Gossip Girl Icons, Veronica Mars Icons, and some Harry Potter Icons. Some from Order of the Phoenix and some from the latest stills for Half Blood Prince. The Wallpapers are mostly Actress's. One is of Keira Knightly and the other is of Kristen Bell. Either heres the art and I hope you all enjoy

1-3 || Rupert Grint
4-5 || Zac Efron
6-12 || David Boreanaz
13-41 || Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 6 & 7)
42-52 || Daniel Radcliffe
53-71 || David Tennant
72-95 || Gossip Girl
96-151 || Harry Potter (Ootp & HBP)
152-159 || Twilight
160-169 || Veronica Mars
2 Wallpapers (Keira Knightly and Kristen Bell)

+if use, please credit [ profile] twistedhitler07
+do NOT change or alter in any form my creations
+don't hotlink
+feedback is my love and feeds my computer
+don't forget to enjoy!

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