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Well I have new layout over at BEAUTIFUL VISIONS. It's of Emma Watson. And the photos I used where from her photo shoot in Italian Vogue. I had loved that photo shoot of her and had to make something out of it. So I hope everybody likes it.

Also I have 3 new walls. And 1 of them is for a challenge over at Effulgent. I swear that place is like crack :D. So I hope you enjoy these too.

3 Wallpapers:
-1 Twilight: Edward/Bella
-1 Actress: Emma Watson
-1 Movie: Janye from Serenity

+do NOT change or alter in any form my creations
+Walls are made for Desktop and personal use only
+Please don't steal/claim as your own.
+Please do not hotlink. Please save to your own server
+Feedback is love and feeds my computer
+don't forget to enjoy!!
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I finally have a new layout up over at my site Beautiful Visions after like 8 months. The longest that I ever had a layout up. I had been working on this for about a week. Just going slowly since I didn't know how it would turn up. I went with a non-fandom layout again. Well semi-fandom. This layout's version is based on Fairytale. So as you can see semi-fandom. So I hope everybody likes it.
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I finally have a new layout up over at my site Beautiful Visions after saying that I will put one up for about two months or mostly I would put one up when the new year started and all, but I finally got to it. Instead of doing a fandom or a celebrity I just went with non-fandom and I really liked how it came out. This layout's version is called "An Artists Mind; Imagination & Creativity, so I hope everybody likes it.
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First off, two things have been crossed off my Birthday/Christmas list. The 4 GB ipod since I got that on Saturday and instead of it being a 4GB it turned into a 8GB :D so I'm happy about that. Also Season 2 of Supernatural. Mina got me that and i am very happy about it because now I have Evil!Sam and Blue Steel and Dean beating up his car for life. So yay me.

Also I've been having an awesome week. What's so sad is that everything is been good and it started last week. That was the last time I saw Boris R. Is it sad that I don't want to see him for a while just so I can have good luck. I mean I deserve the luck. But so far, I meet so many new people at CSM. Including Andrew. All I am saying is that Andrew is awesome.

Now when I mean when everything has been good, I mean everything. Hell I found a new jacket and jeans on sale at Old Navy. See good luck. That stuff that never happens to me.

Also last thing my site Beautiful Visions won Site of the Month (SOTM)over at Graceful Escape. So yay me and my site. Also see thats good freaking luck right there. Also heres the award that I got and what she said.

I have been a huge fan of Quee's videos since she submitted them over @ Endless. Not only is she an amazing vidder, but she also makes lovely art. Her layout looks amazing! She is an all around sweet and talented person!


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