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Well I finally got my phone today. It was the thing that got me out of bed since I heard my dad said fedex and I knew. It is so pretty. I have my old fish cell phone thing. You know the things you get for a dollar and the name of it is blank in my mind. Either way I have that on there even though I got it like 3-4 years ago. So it is also and has no tail. But still I love my phone and it is great to be with one ago.

Also I finally got a box spring for my bed. My dad also got a new king size bed. It was funny since it fell off the car twice on the way home. And I even told him it would too.

Also remember when I said that I live 71 miles away from Forks. Now I finally have a pic to prove it.

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Well my phone didn't come today even when it was supposed to. Pissed about that since I want my phone. I have been like phone less for like a week and is not liking it people not one bit. My phone better come tomorrow. It better.

Also Aug 1 is almost here. In two weeks. YAY. That means all new seasons of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. So glad because if I see that One Tree Hill preview, I will kill and destroy it. And you know what preview I am talking about too.
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Well I am getting a new phone because where I live, my cell is in a dead zone mostly because it is in a dead zone. So I get a new phone on Monday with a new cell phone.

What its going to be is a LG enV2 in Maroon and here's what it looks like:

I can't wait for it because now I won't have to wait to go into town to talk to my friends anymore.
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Now I had just been told that we are switching from At&t to Verizon once FEB hits and I don't really trust Verizon since I always been with At&t/Cinuglar and all. I mean the reason we are switching is that my mom is taking the advise of her friend and saying that we won't get coverage up there. Well maybe it's because it's the part of where you live. Hell Pescadero barely gets coverage but you can still talk on the cell. Hell right now my cell is atI just want to know like the con's and pro's and to see if it's a good idea.
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i finally got my phone yay for me but i lost all the stuuf on my phone mostly the ringtones and pictures and that really sucks too so i tried my original phone and it still works but it was like how it was using the speaker and the camera doesnt work and i dont have internet its just like the old phone whicj really sucks because i need the ringtones its the only thing i would hear too


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