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Since Ive been reading Buffy/Spike fanfiction all day I didn't know there was a new special for Doctor Who coming out today until about an hour ago. I feel so bad since I am a fan of the fandom. I knew there was two more specials, I guess I just forgot when the second special was coming out.

Luckly I am downloading it now so I should be watching it late one or an in about an hour or two. I hope.

I hope this never happens to me again. I never want to forget something important that happens within the fandoms that I love.
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I think my Athena fell asleep watching Graham Norton and listening to Mika (I think). How awesome is that. Of course I tried to get her to fall asleep to Doctor Who, but all she did was want to bite me. :(

Aww there goes my chance of my dog becoming a Doctor Who Fan.
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Well I finally started packing at the same time watching Doctor Who since there is a marathon on scifi.

Ok more of the Doctor Who then the packing but I did get one box filled and all my posters down. And my room is so bare without all my posters. It was the reason why I put them up in the first place. But I'm hoping to get another box in or two before I end up passing out and all.

My mom and I keeps going on about who's computer is the best. I keep telling her mine is the best since I have a Macbook and she has a Dell Laptop. This has been going on since she got her laptop in like May or something.

i got 20 bucks from my dad. Well more of he dropped it and I picked it up and kept it. It had been folded up that I didn't notice it when I walked by it then he mentioned it and then I noticed it. He should know that if money is on the floor, finders keepers. Like seriously.
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Saw Wanted last week. I liked it. It was awesome. I think I love James Mcavoy even more now. Also once of the characters reminded me of my mom. I was very close to screaming out 'Oh my god, its my mom' but I didn't. I liked all the action scenes in it since I am an action person movie. And they really showed a person when the person was shot. Like seriously, you would see the blood go every where when a person got shot. They really went into detail. The first time is like 'Holy Shit' after that its like freaking awesome.

And about the season finale of Doctor Who 'Journey's End'. What I thought on Journey's End )

*sigh*Doctor Who, you will be missed. God damn it, I wanted it to be December now, so I can have some Doctor Who. Although I am totally will be making icons and wallpaper from this season, since it is totally overdue.

Also I have two videos featured in the second Best of the Best round at [ profile] veritas724 award site:
Daughter to Father (Best Tearjerker & Judges Choice) and My Best Friend (Best Friendship).

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Well I didn't go to school today. I didn't mean for it to happen but it just did. I mean I woke up at 7. I guess I just stayed in bed for a minutes semi listening to Don Blue in the Morning I think going on about the election and stuff and must of drifted off to sleep. Woke back up around 8 and found out that my dad was still asleep so I knew right then I wouldn't be going to school since it was already too late to go to school and all. But again I didn't mean for it to happen. Hell I wanted to go to school.

So all day I ended up watching movies: Resident Evil: Extinction and Once. Both are awesome and Once surprised me since I thought it would totally different from what I thought it was about. But I love the freaking soundtrack to it. Just beautiful it is.

Also I saw a new Doctor Who Trailer, so thank you [ profile] gemstar69 for showing us this. Doctor Who fans will go into fangirl mode and scream. I know I did. haha I can't wait to tell and show this to my friend since I know he will go into fangirl and screaming mode.
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School: Finals are this week. Mostly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I realized the only ones I have to worry about is my final for well my Film Class, Health Class, and Math Class. Ok well I have to worry about all my finals. I just have to study for mostly my Film Class. But I should do good on all of them though.

Life/Friends: Man I made so many new friends at CSM. And all because of just one person whos name will not be mentioned. But still its because of these people that make CSM so much fun. Also I get to see Jhona and Jacky tomorrow. That totally makes my monday it does. And for life right now. Well at the moment its ok but at the same time sucks. I think my luck finally went gone on Friday, but I don't know. Also I got myself Season 2 and 3 of Buffy for like 22 bucks each at FYE. That had made my day but the stupid store didn't have Season 5 or 6. Those are the two that I really wont. But whatever, you can only get what you can get.

Music: I so much new music. Its like holy shit. This is why I love Reverie. I mean why I got my ipod back in November I had about over 600 songs. And now I have over 1,000. But all the new music that I got though is awesome.

TV: I can't wait for Janurary. Mostly because thats when everything comes back. And dude I can't wait for Touchwood. Mostly because I can't wait to see James Marsters make out with John Barrowman. I have heard that the whole thing will be hot. And Dude Rose is coming for a few episodes on Doctor Who. That makes my day. Although I already feel sorry for the Doctor. I mean he is going to have to deal with Donna, Martha, and Rose altogether. I can't wait for the whole thing. And omg Supernatural. I always knew that old people would kill you in the end :D Also only Dean can make saying 'fudge' instead 'fuck' hot and awesome.

Graphics: Well I have Two new Wallpapers. Both were made for a present for a friend for her birthday. In the end I liked how both came out even though one of them was a pain in the ass to make.
Two New Wallpapers )

Vid Rec: Also are some video's that I think that are really worth watching. All of these are just fantastic. And since I am a big fan of these fandoms, it definitely them even more awesome in my book.
Video Rec )


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