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I got Season 4 of Angel at Costco for only 17 bucks. Thank you Costco. My next mission is to get Season for the same price. Again thank you Costco.

I only had to argue with my dad for only about 5 minutes before he gave up.

I just hope he thinks that he isn't buying me Twilight because he is.
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You know what I want for my birthday: The High School Flashback Collection. It's Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, and Weird Science. Of course out of those three, the only one I haven't seen is Sixteen Candles. Yes I know, I haven't seen Sixteen Candles. Still, I want it. I saw it at Costco back in August. Of course if I ask my dad to get it for me, I can say it's for my birthday so there is a more chance that I do get it.

Still I want it.
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Okay I think Walmart is like my new best friend. I'm looking online and happen to look for the upcoming TV Shows that will be on sale soon and OMG the prices.

Supernatural Season 3: $38.86
Heroes Season 2: $24.86
Gossip Girl Season 1: $38.86
Angel Season 4: $31.86

Is totally loving these prices since usually when they are first out like are like almost 50 bucks. Seriously those are good prices. Even though I am going to miss FYE during Christmas since they had good awesome freaking sales.

Either way when I get money I am totally buying those. One at time first though. Of course it will be the Supernatural since I can't wait to have Season 3 all to my self.
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I have come to a conclusion that Target is the best place ever, because they have How I Met Your Mother Season 1 & 2 on DVD for 20 bucks each. I had died on the spot when I saw the price. Seriously can you say 'Will be buying that within the next week'. Seriously I love you Target. Well I'm going shopping there tomorrow and also at JCPenny, but I don't know if I want clothes or HIMYM. Seriously a very hard choice here.

Also my headphones for my iPod broke. Very lucky that I had back up headphones. But they don't work as good since the right ear is louder then the left and I want it to be equal. So will be getting new ones soon. That's if I have enough money left over after I buy the new clothes tomorrow or HIMYM. Who knows.

Barnes and Nobles doesn't have Watchmen at the store so I still have to check Lee's since I really don't want to order it from B&N's online. I guess I'm just lazy like that.
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Well for one school is well school. Didn't go to school on Friday. I don't know why, but I always end up not going to school on Fridays. That really needs to stop. For once I am finally getting homework done. No lie. I am actually sitting done and doing my homework. And then take a nap after or during my film homework. I feel so proud of myself since I finally getting the god damn thing done.

I GOT SUPERNATURAL SEASON 1 ON DVD FOR ONLY 30 DOLLARS. AM SO HAPPY. Seriously I am. I at first I thought it was 45 bucks (I was still going to buy it either way) but when the person rung it up, my mouth actually dropped when I saw the price as 29.99. The whole time, even when paying. Of course I didn't realize until out of Target that the person had left the protect case on. When I told my friend Travis he was like "YAY now we can have a Supernatural Marathon" since he also a fan like me. I already know I will end up watching the season before we do that marathon.

And I finally finished with Veronica Mars. I ended up watching the end of season 2 and all of Season three today and yesterday. But is too lazy to write about what I think about both of the seasons. So expect that like sometime later or something. When I told my friend that I finally finished watching the show, his only answer "About god damn time" since I started with season one about like January or something.
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First off, two things have been crossed off my Birthday/Christmas list. The 4 GB ipod since I got that on Saturday and instead of it being a 4GB it turned into a 8GB :D so I'm happy about that. Also Season 2 of Supernatural. Mina got me that and i am very happy about it because now I have Evil!Sam and Blue Steel and Dean beating up his car for life. So yay me.

Also I've been having an awesome week. What's so sad is that everything is been good and it started last week. That was the last time I saw Boris R. Is it sad that I don't want to see him for a while just so I can have good luck. I mean I deserve the luck. But so far, I meet so many new people at CSM. Including Andrew. All I am saying is that Andrew is awesome.

Now when I mean when everything has been good, I mean everything. Hell I found a new jacket and jeans on sale at Old Navy. See good luck. That stuff that never happens to me.

Also last thing my site Beautiful Visions won Site of the Month (SOTM)over at Graceful Escape. So yay me and my site. Also see thats good freaking luck right there. Also heres the award that I got and what she said.

I have been a huge fan of Quee's videos since she submitted them over @ Endless. Not only is she an amazing vidder, but she also makes lovely art. Her layout looks amazing! She is an all around sweet and talented person!


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