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Well for the last 2 weeks I have been reading nothing but Spuffy fics. I kid you not. They have taking over my life. I have realized that I love reading:
-Spike getting abused some way some how and Buffy come for the rescue
-instead of Spike getting a soul from the demon in Africa he made him human
-Buffy finds out that Spike is alive after Sunnydale became nothing
-and my favorite AU Human stories where everybody is human and slayers, vampires, & demons don't exsit

I swear I am so addicted right now I am very close to pulling out the DVDs and re-watching the series, starting with Season 2 and skipping Season 3 and parts of Season 4 and watching all of Seasons 5-7 and going off to Angel Season 5.

Hell I'm even very close to start reading Spike/Angel fics. But I already know that I am probably going to start reading those later on tonight or tomorrow.
twistedhitler07: ([btvs] Spike/Dru: Together Again)
I got Season 4 of Angel at Costco for only 17 bucks. Thank you Costco. My next mission is to get Season for the same price. Again thank you Costco.

I only had to argue with my dad for only about 5 minutes before he gave up.

I just hope he thinks that he isn't buying me Twilight because he is.


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