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Well with the latest episode of Dollhouse I am liking it even more. I didn't know that Eliza could sing. I then realized that this show was created by Joss Whedon so I should of known. I mean everybody who ever worked him ends having a good singing voice. Can you say Once More with Feeling, Lindsy from Angel, and Dr Horrible.

And it only took three episodes but I have found my OTP for the show and nobody can change my mind about it. Seriously I can't help but want Echo/Sierra to end up together.

Also I watching The Two Towers with my mom on TNT. I forgot how good the movie was. I realize I only have Fellowship of the Ring on VHS. I now want all three Lord of the Rings on DVD.

Of course my mom asked me if Legolas was in Harry Potter. Well more of "Wasn't the blond one in Harry Potter". My only thought was this picture made by [ profile] buttfacemakani
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You know what I want for my birthday: The High School Flashback Collection. It's Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, and Weird Science. Of course out of those three, the only one I haven't seen is Sixteen Candles. Yes I know, I haven't seen Sixteen Candles. Still, I want it. I saw it at Costco back in August. Of course if I ask my dad to get it for me, I can say it's for my birthday so there is a more chance that I do get it.

Still I want it.
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Ok well I just bought my ticket for the Midnight screening for Dark Knight. I could not wait for Sunday and plus I have been waiting for this movie since I first heard about it and saw the trailer for it. And since the end of Batman Begins.

Now my parents are worried about me since I'm going by myself to see it. And it would be at Midnight and not getting home till like 2:30-3 in the morning. But hey I'll just bring my switchblade that I have since i never got the taser my mom promised to by me :(

But still can't wait for Dark Knight. It will be awesome.
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Saw Wanted last week. I liked it. It was awesome. I think I love James Mcavoy even more now. Also once of the characters reminded me of my mom. I was very close to screaming out 'Oh my god, its my mom' but I didn't. I liked all the action scenes in it since I am an action person movie. And they really showed a person when the person was shot. Like seriously, you would see the blood go every where when a person got shot. They really went into detail. The first time is like 'Holy Shit' after that its like freaking awesome.

And about the season finale of Doctor Who 'Journey's End'. What I thought on Journey's End )

*sigh*Doctor Who, you will be missed. God damn it, I wanted it to be December now, so I can have some Doctor Who. Although I am totally will be making icons and wallpaper from this season, since it is totally overdue.

Also I have two videos featured in the second Best of the Best round at [ profile] veritas724 award site:
Daughter to Father (Best Tearjerker & Judges Choice) and My Best Friend (Best Friendship).

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Well I didn't go to school today. I didn't mean for it to happen but it just did. I mean I woke up at 7. I guess I just stayed in bed for a minutes semi listening to Don Blue in the Morning I think going on about the election and stuff and must of drifted off to sleep. Woke back up around 8 and found out that my dad was still asleep so I knew right then I wouldn't be going to school since it was already too late to go to school and all. But again I didn't mean for it to happen. Hell I wanted to go to school.

So all day I ended up watching movies: Resident Evil: Extinction and Once. Both are awesome and Once surprised me since I thought it would totally different from what I thought it was about. But I love the freaking soundtrack to it. Just beautiful it is.

Also I saw a new Doctor Who Trailer, so thank you [ profile] gemstar69 for showing us this. Doctor Who fans will go into fangirl mode and scream. I know I did. haha I can't wait to tell and show this to my friend since I know he will go into fangirl and screaming mode.
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School: Well at the moment I have dropped my Multimedia Graphics class and also my Introduction to Film Class. Reason for Multimedia was because for one I was the youngest and most experienced in that class. Plus once we started web design and I found out that it was Multimedia Photoshop for web design I was like Bye-Bye. For Into to Film, I realized today while looking at the study guide the teacher gave us, that I wasn't interested in the class anymore. I don't know why, but I just wasn't anymore. My mom was OK with it though. And now I have two W's on my transcript. I can already hear Boris R. going off about that dropping that class was a stupid thing to do. Plus he said the same thing when I told him about Photoshop. But the good thing about school at the moment is that in all my classes I have C's which is a good thing because their is still time to raise them. I also I saw the counselor and now I have priority in choosing my classes for Spring Semester which is a really good thing.

Life/Friends: Well I hung out with Mina and Boris G. Both on different days. Friday night and Sunday night hung out with Boris. It was Friday that we saw Good Luck Chuck. All I can say is that I will never be able to look at penguins the same ever again. Like seriously. And then Saturday night saw Across the Universe with Mina. That was also a good movie. I demand that everybody buy the soundtrack. Like seriously that's like an order. But for some reasons with a few scenes I felt like I needed to be high just to understand them.

Music: Dude. Mina got me back into N'SYNC. No joke. I mean I am a fan of them, have all their CD's but it was her saying that she had "Pop" stuck in her head, it then got into mine and now I have some/half/half of half of their songs on my ipod. I feel like I am in a pop stage. But what can I say N'SYNC will always be awesome and will always pwn and own Backstreet Boys.

Vidding: yeah......its going to be a while before I go into vidding again. For some reason my muse has like gone on vacation. Like seriously. I would have Vegas up and nothing of the ideaness would come out of the brain. And I don't know when the muse will come back either. So time will tell and I will just work with vidding very very very slowly.

Graphics: I have a new wallpaper. Its based on the Season 3 Premiere of Supernatural. I had loved the demons in that episode. Mostly its because its the Seven Deadly Sins. And I had always thought that was a fascinating subject. But here it is and I hope you like it.
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Fandom: The Notebook: Noah/Ally
Song: Everything by Lifehouse
Summary: Noah's POV and mostly how he felt about Ally threw out his whole relationship with her

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