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I just got 100 bucks from my aunt for christmas so that means a total of 670 at the moment.

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I think I have realized that there is a chance of me not seeing Twilight in theaters. For one, the theater is no longer in walking distance, like seriously. Plus I can not drive. And it all sucks since I wanted to see it and I don't know if it will still be in theaters by the time Christmas comes. And if I don't see it in theaters I can wait till like March to get the DVD since I know around that time, the DVD will come out. Now why can't Twilight just come out in December. I would not have this problem of not knowing if it will still be theaters by the time I get there because I know it would be still there if it was coming out on it's original date. Plus then I could see it with Jhona and Jackie and make nasty jokes about the movie all at the same time.

Also I really really want my new iPod that I see myself getting in the future. One of the many reasons why I can't wait for December to come.

And dude birthday in like 8 days. YAY.


Oct. 18th, 2008 08:04 pm
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Well I told my mom about the iPod that I am maybe getting when I go down to San Francisco during Christmas. She told me that I shouldn't get an iPod since I just got one (like last year of course). But she didn't say no though, so that is a good thing. Although this is always her answer every time I tell her that I am getting a new iPod.

Also I might be getting gift cards for my Birthday (which is in about 19 days). Mostly to iTunes, JCPenny and Walmart. At least they asked what I wanted.

New iPod

Aug. 20th, 2008 12:22 pm
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Yeah I think I know now that I need a new iPod. The one I have the room is too small. I need more GB's. So for Christmas I am getting a new iPod. A Classic. A 160 GB. That should last for more then a year I hope.
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I realized that like every year around Thanksgiving, I get a new iPod. No joke. I mean my first ipod was a 20 GB iPod Special Edition U2 back in like Sophmore Year (You guys remember those iPods right?). Well Senior year I had finally gotten a new ipod, since the U2 one like died on me. So I had gotten 2GB Nano which held about 1,000 songs. By November of 07 I had a little over of 1000 songs. Last year I got a 8GB Green Nano which is supposed to hold 2,000 songs. I am at the point of watching what I have to put in the iPod. And twice I had to clean out my iTunes to see what songs I didn't want anymore.

But lately I've been wanting a new iPod. A 80 or 160 GB Classic iPod. I haven't decided once one yet. I think that would last me a very long time. At the same time though I've been wanting a iPhone. And if I work once I get up to Washington I can afford only one of them maybe by Christmas if I save right. But as I see my music grew bigger including all my tv shows and movies it's making me want the Classic iPod even more though the iPhone has wifi and is great watching videos on there, but doesn't hold that much and plus I have a macbook, there's my wifi right there.

I mean in the last two weeks I got like over 50 new songs. See music getting bigger. My music number at the moment is at 1532.

I don't know I might just get the Classic iPod. Or New versions since I heard new iPods are coming out this fall. Again maybe, thats if I can afford it.
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OK Well I found an Acoustic version of "Makes Me Wonder" by Maroon 5. Is it bad that I totally love this version better then the original. Maybe it's because acoustic version of songs are usually so much better. Well some acoustic songs.

Also I found a cover version of "Chasing Cars" and "Somewhere Only We Know" sung by Natasha Bedingfield. Both versions are so much better and so sad and makes me wanna cry. Mostly "Chasing Cars" since at the moment it's already very hard to listen to the original. Damn Snow Patrol. Damn Natasha Bedingfield.

But of course all of these are already on my itunes and will be going into my ipod later on :D
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First off, two things have been crossed off my Birthday/Christmas list. The 4 GB ipod since I got that on Saturday and instead of it being a 4GB it turned into a 8GB :D so I'm happy about that. Also Season 2 of Supernatural. Mina got me that and i am very happy about it because now I have Evil!Sam and Blue Steel and Dean beating up his car for life. So yay me.

Also I've been having an awesome week. What's so sad is that everything is been good and it started last week. That was the last time I saw Boris R. Is it sad that I don't want to see him for a while just so I can have good luck. I mean I deserve the luck. But so far, I meet so many new people at CSM. Including Andrew. All I am saying is that Andrew is awesome.

Now when I mean when everything has been good, I mean everything. Hell I found a new jacket and jeans on sale at Old Navy. See good luck. That stuff that never happens to me.

Also last thing my site Beautiful Visions won Site of the Month (SOTM)over at Graceful Escape. So yay me and my site. Also see thats good freaking luck right there. Also heres the award that I got and what she said.

I have been a huge fan of Quee's videos since she submitted them over @ Endless. Not only is she an amazing vidder, but she also makes lovely art. Her layout looks amazing! She is an all around sweet and talented person!
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i think the sandman has come to my house early because i feel very sleepy like sleepy in snow white. i would be alseep right now but im updating my ipod and i have lot of songs to update


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