May. 7th, 2009 10:06 pm
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ummm is it Next Thursday yet?

Seriously. SPN Season 4 = EPIC

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Holy Fraking Oh My God

I think that covers it all

Can not wait till next weeks episodes
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Life: Well I got kicked by a horse a few days ago. Mostly in the leg. I was lucky that it wasn't broken since I'm not covered since I'm not in school. Since then the swelling has gone down and my knee isn't as bad as I thought it would be so thats also good. At the moment I just have a medium sized bruise on my knee. Still I now know what it feels like to be kicked by a horse and I hope to neve relive it.

-Smallville: I am really glad that Davis is not gone because I love his character. I think he brings out the evil in Chloe. Also I am shipping Davis/Chloe like hardcore.
-Supernatural: I loved the episode. The first half cracked me up. And I am loving Castiel even more. Including with Dean/Casitel.

I noticed that after next year I am like losing maybe about 5 of my shows. I think. I know Lost is in its last season next year. Also maybe with Supernatural since I know they don't want to do more then 5 Seasons. I think One Tree Hill might be ending. Not too sure with that one. And I am hoping that Heroes and Smallville ends next year even though I do love/like both shows. And why do I feel like I am missing a few.
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College: Well I am back in Elementary Algebra. I swear that class haunts me. I have to go back to advising in mid summer since right now there doing advising for Spring. Still I don't have to go back for a few months. Saves me money on bus fare.

Book: Well I started on Wicked. I am still on the first chapter. Although I did find the place where I left off last time. It was in the middle of chapter 2. I wonder if I will get past that. I hope so.

-Lost: WTF is going on is so confused. LOVING IT. Also I am loving Ben again. Yes I know he has killed but I love him no matter what he does. What can I say I have a weakness for Bad/Evil guys. Also I think there is still a change for Kate/Sawyer. Fucking Yes. Also am I the only one who liked Jack in that blue shirt. I want answers next week for the questions they left us with. Of course we will only get more questions. Oh why do you this us Lost.
-Smallville: I am really loving this season. Also I want Davis/Chloe to happen. And then they turn evil and rule the world. No Joke. But seriously I really felt bad for Chloe. And why am I feeling love for Jimmy Olsen.
-Supernatural: I love you Dean and Sam. Whether you do naughty things or not. After the latest episode I don't know who I love more. Also did I see Alec with in Dean. If so, I love you. Oh how I love this season.
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Well it is snowing.

Fucking snow, I hate you.

Also my dad said that it was Ash Wednesday and that he wasn't going to cook tonight and that "I should respect the lord".

I swear I almost giggled when he said that last part.

Damn you Castiel
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Smallville & Supernatural )


Also I decided that I won't go see Twilight. Now or in December. I think that if I go see it, I will be kind of disappointed. Plus seeing the Twilight commercial everyday, almost every hour, almost on every channel, totally ruined it for me. It's like that one Hoobastank song "The Reason" where it played over and over again and now you just can't listen to it anymore since you think it's annoying. Well I think so. Still I will always have the books. And plus I like the books a little bit more.
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Well my birthday was good, or mostly ok. Nothing good or bad happened. Only [livejournal.com profile] winterevanesce, [livejournal.com profile] dualbunny, [livejournal.com profile] bananainpyjamas (the ones who responded to my last post) and three of my friends said Happy Birthday. So thanks to all if I hadn't said it before. Also when I go back to San Francisco my friends (the ones who said Happy B-Day) are going to make/get me a chocolate cake, so yay on that.

Mostly I spent the day reading Draco/Hermione Fanfiction since I got myself back into that couple. Also had Chinese food for dinner. And lastly watched Smallville and Supernatural. Smallville was great. I am loving this season and I am liking where it is going. And Supernatural was ok, the only thing that I liked about the episode was the huge talking suicidal teddy bear. That thing was awesome and I want an awesome icon of it (or a few). Plus a few animation of it. Still I can't wait for next weeks since next weeks looks amazing.
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Supernatural was awesome. I can't wait for next week. Is very glad that Dean finally found out. And also yelled at the TV screaming 'Kick his ass' when he punched Sam mostly because I was pissed off at him from earlier when watching Gilmore Girls.

I am hooked onto Gilmore Girls. I finished Season 3 right before Supernatural started. Is very saddened that Jess/Rory broke up but he could of treated her better and I am blaming all of this right now on Dean and is very pissed off at him at the moment. I is waiting for Season 4 and is hoping to watch that in a day or two.

OMG Twilight Trailer. I have no words to describe it. I will say a few things though. Edward is sex when climbing a tree. He is. And is very happy that we have a shirtless James in this. I haven't seen him shirtless since The O.C. so is very glad. Although the song that is used in the first 30 seconds reminds me of Doctor Who. I swear it does. Also the kiss that happens that is a Twilight/Fanfiction Kiss. Meaning it is the kiss from the book and also I have read that kiss so many times in Harry/Draco and Hermione/Draco fanfiction stories. Although I don't know which is hotter. I can not wait for it, still pissed about when it's coming about, but I can't wait for it though.

Also I have icons. They are made and done but I am to tired to even upload them and post them at the moment. I will tomorrow though when I am not wanting to go to sleep.
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Words can not describe Heroes. Like seriously. The whole thing was just made of win and awesomeness. So glad to have the show back and can't wait for next week.

Also so glad to have my Slyar back. Slyar I love you and want you.

I can't wait for The Office. It's comes back on Thursday. And yes I got hooked into the show. It's Jim and Pam's fault. After that the show is just pure awesome. And I am saying this, Jan is carrying Micheal's baby. Also yay Dwight/Angela at the end of last seasons episode.

I am liking where Smallville is going this year, but it is not the same without Lex. Also very glad that Oliver is back. And yay Clark/Lois this season.

With Supernatural very glad Dean is back. I am hoping I am seeing thing's right and Sam is sleeping with the new Ruby, even though nobody can replace the old Ruby. But still is hoping Sam is sleeping with a Demon. Also Castiel is made of win. And is wanting Dean/Castiel to happen. Also want Castiel for all to myself. :D

Is loving where One Tree Hill is going this season. It looks dark with everything that is happening at the moment. And I can't wait for next week's episode. Although with what is going on with Gossip Girl I just ain't feeling this Season. The only thing I look forward to now when it comes to this show is the storyline with Chuck/Blair and Nate/Vanessa. I hope it gets better through the season.

Finally finished Dark Angel. They needed to at least one more Season. Not just leave it at 2. Even though I like Season 2 better then 1. Also if they did one more season, they could of done like the aftermath of everything and also Max/Alec or Logan/Max/Alec or both.

I am finally getting into Lost. Since it is on Sci-Fi now, I just DVR it. I now just need to watch it. The same goes for Fringe. Also need to watch/catch up on Sarah Connor Chronicles. Last episode I saw was I think episode 8 of the first season. Also need to watch Gilmore Girls. I have Season 1 on my computer just waiting for Season 2 to download. Going to watch like a few seasons at a time.
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Well I just ordered Supernatural Season 3 from Target because effing Costco didn't have it, when it was there last week.

I mean they had everything, All of effing Smallville and One Tree Hill, Season 2 of Heroes, All of Bones and Boston Legal, Dexter, Gossip Girl and many more. They even had the first two Seasons of Supernatural and not Season 3. I even orginized 3 boxes just to make sure it wasn't hiding and it still wasn't there. I then asked somebody if they had it in stock and they said that didn't. Dude you had it there last week when I was there since I saw it and had it in my hands asking my dad if I can get it.

Either they sold out quickly or didn't have that many copies or it was both.

Fucking Costco.
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Well for one school is well school. Didn't go to school on Friday. I don't know why, but I always end up not going to school on Fridays. That really needs to stop. For once I am finally getting homework done. No lie. I am actually sitting done and doing my homework. And then take a nap after or during my film homework. I feel so proud of myself since I finally getting the god damn thing done.

I GOT SUPERNATURAL SEASON 1 ON DVD FOR ONLY 30 DOLLARS. AM SO HAPPY. Seriously I am. I at first I thought it was 45 bucks (I was still going to buy it either way) but when the person rung it up, my mouth actually dropped when I saw the price as 29.99. The whole time, even when paying. Of course I didn't realize until out of Target that the person had left the protect case on. When I told my friend Travis he was like "YAY now we can have a Supernatural Marathon" since he also a fan like me. I already know I will end up watching the season before we do that marathon.

And I finally finished with Veronica Mars. I ended up watching the end of season 2 and all of Season three today and yesterday. But is too lazy to write about what I think about both of the seasons. So expect that like sometime later or something. When I told my friend that I finally finished watching the show, his only answer "About god damn time" since I started with season one about like January or something.
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Well I didn't go to school again. Yes I know, I am a bad girl. I think Jared and Jensen should punish me for missing school :D Mostly I didn't put on my other alarm I think. Plus my mom told me that I hung up on her when she tried to call me and wake up. Yeah when she does that I have no memory of them. It's why she yells at me for hanging up on her.

I finally watched Moonlight. Even though it does remind me of Angel just a little bit, I can't help but like it.
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Supernatural I love you. Please never leave me. I think every episode really does get better
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First off [livejournal.com profile] sdwolfpup has started a Vidding Truth Meme - where any one who is willing can leave feedback or comments on the videos I've made or how you feel about me, as a vidder in general. You post as "Anonymous" over here. And I am over here

Another thing, I started on a Sam(spn)//Harry(hp) video with the song 'Somebody Help Me' by Full Blown Rose. At first it was just going to be a Harry vid, but after watching Season 2 of Supernatural it then turned into a Harry//Sam video. I don't know when it will be finished though since school starts next week. I only started it now was because if I didn't now, I would never start on it. But what I have so far, it looks pretty good.
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First off I finished Season 2 of Supernatural Yesterday. I thought that it would take a little longer to watch it but it was a total of a day if you watch it straight on threw. It was good seeing some of the episodes again and some of them I never seen before or only glimpses of them in music videos. Yes I didn't watch all of Season 2 when it came out. I guess I lost interest in them. Well until I saw the season finale of that season. Then I feel back in love with the show. After watching this season though, it makes me want Season 1 on DVD. And I can't help but love the Yellow Eyed Demon. Also I want them to somewhat bring back Jo and Ellen. And also the deeper issue with Sam's visions and inner power. I mean I think they they cut that way too soon. We already saw a few people and with what happened when they opened up to the power. I just want to know how Sam would deal with it if that whole power came back he opened up to it.
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School: Finals are this week. Mostly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I realized the only ones I have to worry about is my final for well my Film Class, Health Class, and Math Class. Ok well I have to worry about all my finals. I just have to study for mostly my Film Class. But I should do good on all of them though.

Life/Friends: Man I made so many new friends at CSM. And all because of just one person whos name will not be mentioned. But still its because of these people that make CSM so much fun. Also I get to see Jhona and Jacky tomorrow. That totally makes my monday it does. And for life right now. Well at the moment its ok but at the same time sucks. I think my luck finally went gone on Friday, but I don't know. Also I got myself Season 2 and 3 of Buffy for like 22 bucks each at FYE. That had made my day but the stupid store didn't have Season 5 or 6. Those are the two that I really wont. But whatever, you can only get what you can get.

Music: I so much new music. Its like holy shit. This is why I love Reverie. I mean why I got my ipod back in November I had about over 600 songs. And now I have over 1,000. But all the new music that I got though is awesome.

TV: I can't wait for Janurary. Mostly because thats when everything comes back. And dude I can't wait for Touchwood. Mostly because I can't wait to see James Marsters make out with John Barrowman. I have heard that the whole thing will be hot. And Dude Rose is coming for a few episodes on Doctor Who. That makes my day. Although I already feel sorry for the Doctor. I mean he is going to have to deal with Donna, Martha, and Rose altogether. I can't wait for the whole thing. And omg Supernatural. I always knew that old people would kill you in the end :D Also only Dean can make saying 'fudge' instead 'fuck' hot and awesome.

Graphics: Well I have Two new Wallpapers. Both were made for a present for a friend for her birthday. In the end I liked how both came out even though one of them was a pain in the ass to make.
Two New Wallpapers )

Vid Rec: Also are some video's that I think that are really worth watching. All of these are just fantastic. And since I am a big fan of these fandoms, it definitely them even more awesome in my book.
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First off, two things have been crossed off my Birthday/Christmas list. The 4 GB ipod since I got that on Saturday and instead of it being a 4GB it turned into a 8GB :D so I'm happy about that. Also Season 2 of Supernatural. Mina got me that and i am very happy about it because now I have Evil!Sam and Blue Steel and Dean beating up his car for life. So yay me.

Also I've been having an awesome week. What's so sad is that everything is been good and it started last week. That was the last time I saw Boris R. Is it sad that I don't want to see him for a while just so I can have good luck. I mean I deserve the luck. But so far, I meet so many new people at CSM. Including Andrew. All I am saying is that Andrew is awesome.

Now when I mean when everything has been good, I mean everything. Hell I found a new jacket and jeans on sale at Old Navy. See good luck. That stuff that never happens to me.

Also last thing my site Beautiful Visions won Site of the Month (SOTM)over at Graceful Escape. So yay me and my site. Also see thats good freaking luck right there. Also heres the award that I got and what she said.

I have been a huge fan of Quee's videos since she submitted them over @ Endless. Not only is she an amazing vidder, but she also makes lovely art. Her layout looks amazing! She is an all around sweet and talented person!


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