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Well today on Athena's walk she ended up getting loose. More of the fact that my dad let her loose to see if she would come to me. She was doing good until up to 5 feet and decided to run past me. That is when all hell broke loose.

She ran past us, up onto the hill. She stopped of course until we started chasing her. She then went to our side. Now this is the part where I get a kick out of it. She jumped into the creek that we have. I swear I started laughing because she jumped and then went down. My dad had to go down there and go get her. Luckily someone was there to help us. And when I finally got her, she was wigging out of her collar and I saw it coming and tried to grab her from behind of course she then got loose again. Of course the person who was there was helping my dad out and once Athena got loose I could hear him swearing at. So Athena decided to run up the street and then down the street. Luckily the other guy grabbed her and held on to her. I was glad that I grabbed the car since when I got to her my dad threw her in the car.

Now when I got home I had to give her a bath. Again had to chase her for a while. Of course by the time I got her in the bath she didn't mind since we learned that she liked the water. So while I was washing her down she was licking herself clean.

Now as you can see Athena is anything but good. She is evil.


Feb. 5th, 2009 04:42 am
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Do not read below if you have not watched latest episode of Lost.
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Well I ended up playing with Athena in the snow. It was fun. I first threw a snowball at Athena and it got her right in the face. After that I just threw snow all over her which of course got all over me. Then she just went all attack mode on me.

Of course by the end of it I tried to make a snow angel. It was unsuccessful, mostly because the snow wasn't deep enough and Athena kept on biting me.

Still fun though.
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I think my Athena fell asleep watching Graham Norton and listening to Mika (I think). How awesome is that. Of course I tried to get her to fall asleep to Doctor Who, but all she did was want to bite me. :(

Aww there goes my chance of my dog becoming a Doctor Who Fan.
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Well I bought my plane tickets today. Well my dad bought my plane tickets, but I still got them. Once I told my that the price was going up, my mom demanded that I buy them now. So all I need to buy is my bus ticket and I am all set.

And things with Athena are going well. She understands the words No, Come and to her name, and in away sit and lay down. The only thing we have a problem with is that she tends to nibble on us whether it is our hands, legs, pants, or jackets. Of course when this happens it is only because she is really excited and really wants to play. But once we tell her No, she starts barking, even though she does listen to us when we tell her No for everything else. But still everything is fine. She even does great on her walks, once we get her past the house. Also she hogs the bed. My dad told me last night that she almost knocked him off his bed. And his bed is a king size. Also she snores.

My dog is so awesome.


Nov. 10th, 2008 03:33 pm
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We finally got a dog. Seriously no lie, we finally got a dog. We got a 3 month old Boxer. I named her Athena after the greek goddess of course I think my mom don't know who that is. Still the name totally suits her.


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