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I'm still sick, but I am a little bit better. Coughing less. So thats a plus.

I ended up getting Angels & Demons at Costco. I am hoping to start reading it, even though I haven't finished reading Wicked.

I am finally getting a haircut tomorrow. It is well overdue.

Also on BSG (Still on Season 3) I am loving the whole D'Anna/Gaius/Caprica thing that is going on. Only SciFi would give me a threesome. Also they need to kiss and makeup. Also the whole Anders/Kara/Lee/Dualla triangle/square thing is pissing me off. Mostly the whole Kara/Lee thing
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Right now I am sick. It is not fun. I have been sick for the last 2 weeks. It started off as a little thing but slowly worked into a big thing. Ive been coughing non stop for the last 2 days and the medicine I have helps so I am coughing every 4 hours and around 5 in the morning coughing for my life. I swear I see sore throat in my future.

And Orange Juice doesn't help either. After drinking that for 3 days it tastes awful. I would drink water, but I can taste the tap in the "spring" water here (Which is out of the sink btw) and it tastes like crap and my dad doesn't like buying me Aquafina because he thinks the "spring" water tastes fine and good.

So as I wait slowly for the sickness to go away I have been watching BSG for the last 3 days. If makes the day for faster. I am now at Season 3 and loving it. Starbuck and 6 are my favorite, I want Anders and Gaius as my sex slaves and I hate Lee. I don't know why I just don't like him.

I would of been making some graphics but my muse has been gone for about a month. I miss it. When you try to make something and all you can do is stare at Photoshop it is not so fun.
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for some reason i hate this ear ache well the pain is gone but now i cant hear through it so i have now gone deaf in that ear,

but whats funny is that i never hear my parents yelling but i hear my mom opening a candy bar when my music is blasted and my door is closed though


still sick

Mar. 24th, 2006 08:26 am
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ok last Thursday to the middle of this week i had a headache that can kill

starting from the weekend untill the middle of the week i developed a sore throat luckly that is gone

now i was able to go to stars today since i was going to school yesterday...but no

yesterday morning i developed an EAR ACHE OUT OF ALL THINGS A AN EAR ACHE

can you believe it

so mostly my week has been filled with

sinus headaches...
Full symptoms...
an ear ache

...can things get any worse

well i only hope STARS go alright and i really wanted to go back to Hillside. Man that place has lots of memories too.
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ok this weekend has been a bitch thats all im saying, my throat hurts, hell im even afraid to cough, but whats worse is that STARS is all next week, great time to get sick can you say grrrrrr. i already know im going to miss monday night

hell i dont even want to go to school but i know i have to, why couldnt i get sick like the week after next and whats sad i barely get sick its always every bow or then or somehting really important is about to happen, its really messed up i say


Nov. 10th, 2005 07:52 pm
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once out of this whole year im finally sick but of cousre its right when the bell game is here, i noticed this two years ago i couldnt go because i had a swore throat so knowing my luck i wont be able to go or will i?


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