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Well finally I have new art. I just went into an art faze this weekend. Which ended up with like 55 icons and 5 wallpapers. And usually i never have that much art during a weekend. Well maybe with the icons but not with the wallpapers that is. Now the icons are mostly Twilight and Dark Knight. Two things that I have been wanting to make icons of ever since I saw the trailers for both films. The Wallpapers are mixed. Twilight, Dark Knight, Supernatural (Spoilers for the last episode so beward if you haven't seen the episode) and Sweeny Todd. Well the last one is a remake since the original was made back in December and was an idiot and didn't think to save it since I didn't know that my computer would like die two months from then. Either heres the art and I hope you all enjoy

1-25 || Twilight: Teaser Trailer/Hollywood Backlot
26-55 || Dark Knight Trailer
5 Wallpapers (Twilight, Dark Knight, Supernatural, Sweeny Todd)

+if use, please credit [ profile] twistedhitler07
+do NOT change or alter in any form my creations
+don't hotlink
+feedback is my love and feeds my computer
+don't forget to enjoy!

+finally some freaking art around here+ )
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Well I have another new wallpaper. And again its Supernatural. Haha I've been obsessed with the show lately :D.

But this time I made something involving Bella and Dean. Mostly the scene where Bella see's Dean coming down the stairs in a tux. I loved how this came out since everything blended so well. And for the text, originally I wanted to put in what she said in the episode about how they should have angry sex after. But after seeing what everything looked like I decided to put in lyrics from the song "23" by Jimmy Eat World since I think that song totally worked for them for this wallpaper.

Anyway here it is and it is called Beauty and the Beast. Mostly because I see Bella as Beauty. And we all know that Dean is a Beast. (In more ways then one hehe).

Also after watching Heroes, am I the only one who wouldn't mind having Elle as a Mistress. I mean the whole time I wanted Elle and Peter doing some Kinky things. Also with some Adam/Kensei mixed in there too.

And I can't help but now like Maya. Her brother can die for all I care but Maya is awesome. I think its when you do something big (like kill over 50 people in a matter of seconds) you become ok in my book. And dude she killed a cop as a nun. Now you have to admit thats awesome.
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I have a new wallpaper. Its from the latest episode of Supernatural and this piece is called Evil Angel. It was when I was listening to the song Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin, I realized that this would be perfect for a Ruby and Sam wallpaper. Mostly after what happened in the episode Sin City (Season 3, Episode 4) and what Ruby was telling Sam about her being his Falling Angel. Plus she's a demon so it all works out. This wallpaper took me the longest to make since I first messed up really bad and had to start all over. But in the end I liked how everything came out including the color since I had mixed like 5 textures together. But overall I hope you like it.
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School: Well at the moment I have dropped my Multimedia Graphics class and also my Introduction to Film Class. Reason for Multimedia was because for one I was the youngest and most experienced in that class. Plus once we started web design and I found out that it was Multimedia Photoshop for web design I was like Bye-Bye. For Into to Film, I realized today while looking at the study guide the teacher gave us, that I wasn't interested in the class anymore. I don't know why, but I just wasn't anymore. My mom was OK with it though. And now I have two W's on my transcript. I can already hear Boris R. going off about that dropping that class was a stupid thing to do. Plus he said the same thing when I told him about Photoshop. But the good thing about school at the moment is that in all my classes I have C's which is a good thing because their is still time to raise them. I also I saw the counselor and now I have priority in choosing my classes for Spring Semester which is a really good thing.

Life/Friends: Well I hung out with Mina and Boris G. Both on different days. Friday night and Sunday night hung out with Boris. It was Friday that we saw Good Luck Chuck. All I can say is that I will never be able to look at penguins the same ever again. Like seriously. And then Saturday night saw Across the Universe with Mina. That was also a good movie. I demand that everybody buy the soundtrack. Like seriously that's like an order. But for some reasons with a few scenes I felt like I needed to be high just to understand them.

Music: Dude. Mina got me back into N'SYNC. No joke. I mean I am a fan of them, have all their CD's but it was her saying that she had "Pop" stuck in her head, it then got into mine and now I have some/half/half of half of their songs on my ipod. I feel like I am in a pop stage. But what can I say N'SYNC will always be awesome and will always pwn and own Backstreet Boys.

Vidding: yeah......its going to be a while before I go into vidding again. For some reason my muse has like gone on vacation. Like seriously. I would have Vegas up and nothing of the ideaness would come out of the brain. And I don't know when the muse will come back either. So time will tell and I will just work with vidding very very very slowly.

Graphics: I have a new wallpaper. Its based on the Season 3 Premiere of Supernatural. I had loved the demons in that episode. Mostly its because its the Seven Deadly Sins. And I had always thought that was a fascinating subject. But here it is and I hope you like it.


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